The pretty little island with hardly any tourists that’s hot all year round

As winter edges closer many Britons will be starting to think about where they might go on holiday next summer.

While this may seem a bit surprising, for many people the planning for their big summer trip away starts now.

For other people waiting until summer is too long to wait for hot weather.

As a result, they may choose to look elsewhere for some winter sun, this includes El Hierro.

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El Hierro is one of the Canary Islands. According to the El Hierro website, the island is known for warm weather all year round.

They said: “It has been scientifically proven that weather directly affects us. Our emotions are affected every time we feel sun rays or float on the surface of the sea.

“And that increases our levels of serotonin and reduces stress. The Canary Islands benefit from the trade winds almost all year round, due to their location close to the tropics.

“This—combined with thermal inversion—means that clouds do not develop and we can see the sun almost every day. So, it rains an average of 3 days a month. And barely ever in summer.”

One of the benefits of having year-round warm weather is that it is possible to enjoy activities popular in the summer almost every day.

One of the most popular activities is diving. According to the Canary Islands website, there are several factors that make the island popular with people who like diving.

They said: “Several factors concur to bring well-deserved fame to this little territory, which includes one of the three marine reserves in the Canary Islands.

“The main one is the transparency of its waters, which allow visibility of up to 30 metres, combined with a large variety of species and spectacular underwater volcanic landscapes.”

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For people wishing to explore the island, there is a diversity of landscapes on El Hierro.

The Canary Islands website said: “One of the most famous trails is the Camino de Jinama, an old route that used to be used by the island’s inhabitants, just over 3 kilometres long and with lots of ups and downs, but the reward at the end of it is incredible.

“On the way to the highest areas of the island, we can stop at any of the vantage points to contemplate dizzying views such as the majestic Valle de El Golfo, formed after a mega-landslide thousands of years ago, and abrupt cliffs that the sea crashes up against.

“Or not. Because the ocean around this island is also on its best behaviour: with the absolute calm of the La Restinga-Mar de las Calmas Marine Reserve.”

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