Flight attendant’s tips to avoid travel chaos including early flight times

A flight attendant has shared her top summer travel tips for holidaymakers looking to get away.

Caroline, a travel vlogger and air hostess with more than 84,000 followers on TikTok, @xoblondevoyage, shared a clip on the social media site.

Speaking to the camera in her airline uniform, the keen traveller shared her best advice for holidaying in the summer months – and it quickly went viral.

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She titled the video: “Travel tips from a flight attendant – summer travel.”

Caroline said: “Let’s talk about summer flying. Things are already a little crazy in the airline industry – there’s weather, staffing shortages, weather, flights are overbooked, weather…

“So if you’re stepping foot on an aeroplane this summer listen up.”

Give yourself two hours between flights

“Tip number one: if you’re booking a connecting flight make sure to give yourself at least two hours in-between flights.

“A lot of these third party websites are going to let you book something 30 minutes apart and it’s not enough time.

“Even an hour these days is really not enough time you don’t want to be stressed and rushing for your flight and not make the next flight and then the next one’s oversold.

“Give yourself two hours between connecting flights.”

Caroline added that she recommended three hours between connecting flights on international journeys.

Fly earlier

She added: “Tip number two: the earlier the better.

“I know you don’t want to wake up at 3am to catch a 5am flight, but I promise you the earlier you book a flight and the earlier your flight is the smoother everything is going to go.

“And, the more time that leaves you to be re-booked on another flight if something does happen and there are other ways to connect to your destination.”

Early flights are also often cheaper than those in the middle of the day.

Download the airport app

Caroline finished off by noting: “Tip number three: download the app of whatever airline you’re flying from.

“These applications have so much information these days.

“Not only are you maybe going to be able to watch movies on the flight, you’re going to be able to pull up your boarding pass, track your bags if you checked a bag, find out if there’s any delays, get info on your connecting flight like what gate it is.

“There’s just so much information on them that whatever airline it is at least download it for the day and then delete it.

“It will help you out so much as you’re travelling through the airport.”

In the comments people loved the flight attendant’s clever tips.

One person said: “Very good advice especially the early flight.

“If you’re flying to any NYC airport in summer there are ground stops and it gets later and later.”

Another noted: “Great work Caroline. I'm downloading the app for sure!

“I would have never thought of this!”

Are you a flight attendant with some tips, tricks or secrets to share? Drop us an email at [email protected] to be featured.


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