Stewardess says she wouldn’t work on certain yacht due to ‘rude’ millionaires

Yacht stewardess Emery shared on her TikTok channel @thatyachtiegirl some of the secrets of living on a £100million boat.

Talking about the biggest cons of being a yacht stewardess, the crew member revealed that although travel is her “biggest pro”, it can also be one of the negative sides of her job.

She explained why: “With travelling so much you don’t get a lot of time to go see friends and family. I’ve missed some weddings, I’ve missed birthdays…

“But depending on the yacht, you get certain days each year when you can go home, visit friends or go wherever you want.”

The stewardess said that all the cleaning is also “annoying”, but “I wouldn’t say is one of my top cons”.

Instead, a “bad programme” or yacht, like one with a “really bad crew or people you can not work for”, is worse.

Sometimes owners can be “rude, unsafe or inappropriate,” she claimed, but luckily, crew normally have a “one to three months trial period where if you don’t like the crew or vibe you can hop off”.

The stewardess also revealed the specific yachts, or “programme types”, where she “personally wouldn’t work on” after being in the industry for almost four years.

Her number one luxury yacht she “would never” work on is one where the millionaire owners “basically live aboard”.

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@thatyachtiegirl Types of YACHT programs I personally wouldn’t work on⚠️⚓️ (important for green crew!!!) #yachtie #thatyachtiegirl #yachtcrew #stewardess #deckhand #belowdeck ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

This is also known as a “liveaboard programme”, and the owners being “constantly on” is something the stewardesses don’t particularly enjoy as it means that the crew is 24/7 on service or on standby.

Another yacht Emery would hate working on is one with a “slow itinerary” which means the boat doesn’t move or it doesn’t leave the dock a lot.

A high turnover boat, where “they are constantly getting new people” because “they cannot keep crew” for some reason, is another no-go for the stewardess. That either means that “the owners are not very nice or that the captain is not very nice,” Emery revealed.

Another yacht she would never work for is one where her position involves cooking. Luxury yachts normally have their own chef who cooks for the owners and the crew but sometimes, there is a Stew/Cook.

A Stew/Coo is the stewardess in charge of provisioning and cooking for guests and crew but also doing the rest of their duties including laundry, ironing, cleaning, bartending, hostessing and helping on deck.

Emery explained that this “might be a very personal choice” as she doesn’t “really like to cook for other people”. Finally, she would never get a job on a yacht with low pay. The stewardess advised yachties that if they are “being offered less than $3,000 (£2,400)”, they should not take it.

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