Six mums go on 12-hour Ibiza party – and get back in time for the school run

A group of fun-loving mums have explained how they jet off for a one-day holiday in party capital Ibiza.

The six parents spend just 12-hours on holiday before returning home in time for the school run.

While such a short trip might not seem worth it to some, the mums loved their time away soaking up the Spanish sun and sipping on cocktails.

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They decided to take the trip after bagging cheap return flights for just £36 on March 26.

Laura, Danielle, Fay, Rebecca, Danielle and Lauren chose to wake up early and catch the 6am flight from Manchester before landing on the clubbing island for an enjoyable Sunday.

They soaked up everything they could before catching the plane home at 11pm on the same night.

When they landed, they had time to get home, have a nap and then take their children to school as usual.

Rebecca Ratcliffe, 38, organised the day out for herself and five friends who she knew from the school gate.

As a travel consultant, Rebecca knows a thing or two about holidays.

She explained: “We were keen to look for a good deal and everybody loves the Ibiza sunshine.

“We found Ryanair flights, and we knew that for everyone to be able to come it had to be on a Sunday.”

Taking only a small handbag or rucksack, the group set off leaving their children at home – all 15 of them.

They spent an additional £10 on a return bus to get them to and from Manchester airport and £23 to journey around Ibiza for the day also walking an incredible 26,000 steps.

Having seen some of the sights they tucked into food at Passion Cafe in Ibiza Town and even headed to San Antonio bay to enjoy the sea.

Rebecca said: “We had brunch and explored the marina.

“Quite a lot of the shops were shut but it was scenic and beautiful.

“We had cocktails overlooking the marina and then the transfer bus drove us to San Antonio.”

Thankfully, the sun was out in full force and they got some sunbathing in during their trip using tiny towels that fit in a handbag.

Rebecca commented: “We were so blessed with the weather — the sky was cloudless.

“It was such a good day.

“I spent time in gorgeous company with supportive friends all on the mum journey together.

“We all felt we’d been there longer than a day.

“You feel refreshed after 12 hours in the sunshine.”

The mums had dinner watching the sunset at Cafe Mambo before heading home.

Would you ever go on a 12 hour holiday? Tell us in the comments..


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