Shouting couple cause entire flight to be emptied – but some say they’re right

A couple caused a disturbance on a plane this week that caused the entire flight to have to disembark.

A video of the event was uploaded to Reddit’s PublicFreakout page – and it quickly went viral with thousands of likes and comments.

In the clip a duo could be seen arguing with the man filming apparently because the flight was being emptied due to their demands.

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The couple claimed that the woman involved had claustrophobia and had paid for an aisle seat, but had not been given this.

Claustrophobia is the fear of confined spaces.

In the video, the person filming asked the flight crew: “So you’re going to kick everybody off? You’re going to make everybody get off now, because he’s not getting off?”

They replied to confirm this, while the other man’s voice was heard shouting “F*** you”.

The man videoing the interaction added: “I have kids, that’s nice to speak that way in front of my kids.”

He proceeded to pan the camera over to the couple where the woman appeared to be covering the man’s mouth to stop him from speaking.

The man escaped from her hands and shouted “Blame them, blame them” while gesturing at the cabin crew.

The videographer retorted: “I’m blaming you because you’re going to make us all get off because you’re not leaving. That’s ridiculous. Because you didn’t get your way? Wah, wah, wah.”

The issue then became more clear as he added: “I understand she’s supposed to have her seat. I understand that, but you’re not going to disrupt it for everybody.”

The other man said: “Oh yes we are, oh yes we are.”

The woman in the couple had reportedly paid extra to get an aisle seat, but had been assigned a window spot.

They continued to argue, while acknowledging that there were children on board and that they were disrupting the flight.

The man shouted at the flight attendant to ask: “So what’s happening here now?”

His female companion responded: “We have to go. We have to leave.”

She tried to calm the man down, but he added: “So wait a second, we can re-iterate, she paid $142 extra for an aisle seat because she has claustrophobia and she has the worst case scenario – against the wall?”

The video ended, but the debate over the situation raged on in the comments.

Some thought that the couple had a point as they had not been given the seat they paid for.

One person wrote: “If she paid for a aisle seat she should get a aisle seat… but I wouldn’t make everyone get off the plane because the airline messed up…”

Another added: “I mean, I kinda sympathise with the guy.

“My wife has freaked out on a couple of occasions when she felt trapped in her seat – at the theatre, at the cinema.

“She would probably also not be thrilled to be up against a wall like that.

“Being a caring husband, if I'd paid for her to have a seat where the chances of her freaking out were greatly reduced, I'd also be pretty damn p***ed off if the airline just ignored that. It is more than just discomfort.”

But, others thought they were wrong because of their aggressive behaviour despite having a point to begin with.

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One Reddit user noted: “Once you start yelling at the attendants you fighting a losing battle.”

“Once you start yelling you're losing,” another agreed. “Pretty much no matter the situation.”

A third said: “You can turn this into upgrades and cash and way more goodies than you give up….if you don't argue and lose your s**t.”

Another explained: ‘This guy had a ton of leverage because [to be honest], he was RIGHT. Only he ruined it by being an a**hole.”

Others thought the bloke was well within his right to be angry.

One such commenter noted: “I dont know, if my wife actually had a severe issue with claustrophobia and she was gonna be stuck on a 12+ hour flight against a wall and I just paid extra money to not have that happen, Id be pretty p****ed too.

“Why is no one offering their seat to her so it didn’t have to happen?”

Another wrote: “The passenger can’t make anyone do anything. It’s the airlines using peer pressure to manipulate the passenger.

“Good customer service would have the airline announcing the mistake they made and offering a voucher for someone to give up their aisle seat.”

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