Selling the Mouse: Disney Parks pricing and more Mario to come

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What is Travelmation? Well, it’s a travel agency for starters, but it’s name is actually a combination of “travel” and “animation.” In this episode of Selling the Mouse, delve into the agency’s name, strong sense of branding and more with president Adam Duckworth. Adam and host Jamie Biesiada will also delve into the latest theme park news, from pricing and capacity at Disney Parks, to Avatar coming to Disneyland, to the opening of Super Nintendo World in Universal Hollywood. Get in touch to sign Adam and Jamie’s petition to return Soarin’ Over California to the Disneyland Resort.

Disney and Universal news is the main topic until the 31:50 mark, when the conversation turns to Travelmation.

Selling the Mouse is a five-part miniseries, brought to you by Trade Secrets, a travel advisor-focused business development podcast. This is actually the last episode of the miniseries, but if you’d like to hear more in the future, email Jamie at [email protected]! Trade Secrets is in its third season with new episodes every other Monday.

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