See What Life is Like in Silicon Valley With This Book

If you’ve ever tried to visit Silicon Valley you’ve likely found yourself a bit disappointed as there aren’t really classic tourist attractions. This unofficial area stretching between San Francisco and San Jose is often best consumed as this mythic place in our collective imagination.

Except the photographer Ramak Fazel has put together a fantastic new coffee table book from Rizzoli after spending two months up and down the region that many think rules the world. Called Silicon Valley No_Code Life, it is the latest selection for Just Booked, our series on interesting new coffee table books related to travel.

Fazel has documented the glamorous—the catamaran on Oracle’s manmade lake or the ritzy new Apple headquarters—as well as the less than glamorous—passport studios for foreign nationals working at tech companies, the crush of development along freeways, and motorhomes filled with workers because of soaring home prices. Plus, there are all the “birthplace” sites where major companies had their humble start.

Flipping through its pages, you really do get a sense of how simultaneously normal and abnormal life on this peninsula is.

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