Sail around the Greek Isles totally naked on nudist cruise with ‘no photo zones’

Nudists and naked enthusiasts can sail around the stunning Greek islands completely in the buff.

Naked holidays are proving popular in recent years with a rise in nude festivals and even bare honeymoons.

Travel site Cruise Bare has shared the details of its latest naked cruise that sailors can book now.

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With their golden sunshine, white and blue buildings and sparkling sea, the Greek Isles are extremely popular with British holidaymakers.

And, there’s no experience quite like hitting multiple islands in a two week holiday of a lifetime.

The Royal Clipper has a classical style that will leave you feeling like you’re sailing in the Golden Age of cruising.

The nude experience will take place from April 30 2024 and end on May 14 – and you’ll be able to throw off your clothes while enjoying the sun, sea and cocktails on board.

The Royal Clipper will leave the Port of Athens before heading through the Sea of Crete.

Stops include Mykonos – famous for its blue and white cliffside properties and popular with influencers, Sykros, Skiathos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Kos, Rhodes, Santorini, Sifnos and Hydra.

A highlight of the boat is landing in the “Mamma Mia” island of Skiathos which has easy access to Little Banana nude beach where you can splash in the sea and sunbathe without your swimwear.

The Royal Clipper carries 227 guests and 106 crew members with six different stateroom categories to choose from.

And, you can be nude on board all the time unless an announcement is made that tells you to put your clothes back on.

You also must wear clothing while eating in the dining room – boobs, bums and bits must be covered and fetish wear is not allowed.

Plus, you must be careful not to be nude when other ships are in port, where others can see you including on the balconies.

Anyone who is naked must sit on a towel as well as those wearing g-strings or thongs.

There are dedicated 'no photo zones', as well as a ban on inappropriate touching or “overt” sexual activity onboard.

On the Royal Clipper there are three pools, an atrium, tropical bar, piano bar, observatory room, library and a dining hall.

All beverages and meals are included in the price of the cruise excluding premium alcohol, champagne and wine.

You’ll also need to pay extra for gift shop items, spa services, shore excursions, and laundry services.


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