Ryanair boss warns Brits to avoid flying on certain days as chaos continues

Chaos at UK airports may last for the entire summer, claims Ryanair boss Micheal O’Leary.

And, Brits have been warned to avoid flying on certain days due to havoc in the aviation industry, reports the Sun.

Michael, the CEO of Ryanair, spoke out about the situation on SkyNews and offered his advice to holidaymakers attempting to jet off over the next few months.

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The travel boss said that Brits should brace for a “less than satisfactory experience” over the holidays.

Michael said: “This problem is going to continue, particularly at airports like Gatwick and Heathrow, right throughout the summer.

"It will be worse at weekends and better during the week.”

He also noted that around 99% of Ryanair flights were taking off as planned and that Stansted seemed to be running most smoothly.

But, he said summer would be a “struggle” and that he couldn’t see when the chaos would end.

Brits have been plagued by disruptions, cancellations and baggage delays over the last few months.

Some report being stuck in exotic destinations with no flight to get home while others were forced to sleep on airport floors or give up on their holidays and go home.

Yesterday, a “carpet of suitcases” was spotted at Heathrow as people abandoned their luggage.

Queues out of airport doors have also been seen with many Brits attempting to check-in up to five hours before their flight time in order to make it through security.

But, airline workers and airport bosses have asked people not to arrive so early as it can cause further chaos.

Around 40% of Ryanair flights were delayed last weekend apparently because of air traffic control problems and baggage delays.

The boss reported the issues were due to staffing difficulties.

He said: “There are hundreds of thousands of jobs in the UK that frankly British workers don’t want to do.

"These problems will not be resolved until we start allowing people in to do the jobs.”


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