Ryanair announces booze ban on flights to hotspots over the summer

Ryanair made an announcement to passengers this week that a major rule change affecting flights to Spain would come into force. It means your cabin bags will be searched at the boarding gates.

Plus, you won't be able to take your duty free booze on the flight without storing it correctly. Any bags containing alcohol will be removed from the cabin and placed in the hold.

So, if you're not keen to have to wait for your bags after your flight or are only taking hand luggage then perhaps steer clear of the whiskey or bubbles in the airport shops. The rule will apply to anyone flying from the UK to Ibiza, Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga, Palma and Tenerife South, reports Bristol Live.

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In an email announcement sent to passengers with holiday bookings, Ryanair said: "In order to prioritise the comfort and safety of all passengers, Ryanair will implement the following restrictions on your upcoming flight to Spain:

"Any alcohol purchased in airport shops or elsewhere must be packed carefully in a suitable item of cabin baggage, which will be tagged at the gate and then placed in the aircraft hold free of charge if you have purchased priority boarding or have a small piece of hand luggage."

Anyone found hiding alcohol and bringing it on board risks being removed from the flight, without any refund or compensation being offered. If you're on your way to Spain you may miss out on your holiday because of this.

It could end up being far more costly than simply waiting to hit the booze until you've landed in your destination. However, Brits heading to sunny Spain should also be aware that resort areas are limiting the alcohol you can drink while away too.

All-inclusive hotels in areas such as Magalluf, El Arenal, Playa de Palma in Mallorca and Sant Antoni in Ibiza have introduced a six drink limit for holidaymakers. The rule was first implemented during the pandemic, but has continued as a way to combat anti-social behaviour and drunken tourism.

The rule means that even if you've paid for all-inclusive drinks you'll only be given six alcoholic drinks per day. These will be served with lunch and dinner – three drinks with each meal.

To check if your all-inclusive holiday resort is included in the limited drinks areas you should contact your travel agent, the hotel directly or your booking website. Other popular countries like Portugal, France, Turkey, Greece and Italy have not added limits to their all-inclusive offerings.

However, in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, there will be a limit on when and where you can buy alcohol. Clubs, shops and cafes will not serve booze outside of certain set hours.

Do you think the booze ban is a good idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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