‘Rich sugar daddies pay to take me on lavish holidays – I’ve made £400k’

A self reported "sugar baby" claims she’s made $500,000 (£399,685) from her clients. Plus, they’ve helped her travel the world completely for free.

Palmar Kelly, 27, @palmarkelly, has been to Atlanta City and Las Vegas in the US, Mexico, Paris and Italy with her "sugar daddies". Generally, sugar daddies are older men who are wealthy enough to pay women to spend time with them.

According to Palmar, they pay for her flights and holidays plus $5,000 (£3,996) for every trip. As well as that they treat her to fine dining and booze.

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Palmar became a sugar baby after starting stripping as a side hustle while she was at New York conservatory for dramatic arts college studying acting in New York City. She earned between £559 and £799 per night at first and used this to pay for professional headshots.

She then continued to date the older rich men making £239 a night until realising she could up her price to £799 per evening. Eventually, her regular clients would invite her on holidays.

Palmar’s most recent trip was a cruise to the Bahamas with a man age 57 – who paid $4k (£3197) for her company. But, she claims the free trips aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

The young woman recently had to leave a trip to Italy after the married couple she was with began to argue ruining the atmosphere. Yikes!

Palmar, a sex worker, actor and screen writer, from Cocoa beach, Florida, US, said: "You only live once. There is literally nothing to lose.I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. I was with him for six days.

"He's amazing. He's a super nice and respectful man. We had a balcony suite. We gambled a lot. It was a fun little trip. I'm so grateful this person paid for it. Everyone else paid for a cruise. I'm getting paid to be on the cruise. It's a good job. I’ve probably made half a million dollars doing this. One year in New York I made $200k without even realising."

While at university, Palmar also worked as a stripper making up to £799 a night. Then she met her sugar daddies.

She said: "I used the money for auditions or to pay for headshots. I then started to do more sugar baby stuff. I felt I could do that. I thought ‘I’m an actor – I could pretend to be someone’s girlfriend’."

Palmar would go on dates and trips with older men – usually between 37 and 45 – and says she was "grateful" to not have a 9-5 job or to be working in a bar or coffee shop scraping for cash. She used the money from her sugar daddy dates to pay her way through college.

She said: "It was a survival thing for me. I didn’t really have to do anything."

Since then, Palmar has travelled to London and Paris as well as other destinations in the US like Vegas and the Hamptons, Long Island.

She said: "I went to the Hamptons and stayed in a big, amazing castle."

She moved to LA in March 2021 to pursue her screen writing career and didn’t find clients would pay her as much. So she headed back to Florida for sugar daddies and to strip.

She said: "In LA people wanted a hook up for $800." Since then she’s even been hired to travel with married couples.

One such pair employed Palmer to go to o Sicily, Italy, in July 2023. They even included a first class ticket.

Palmar said: "A couple reached out to me on TikTok. They said ‘Oh my god, you seem so fun – me and my wife would love to meet up’. We met twice and then agreed to go on a 10-day trip. I said 'I want to be flown first class’ and I didn’t want to pay for anything when I was there. I asked to be paid $4k for the trip." Unfortunately, just two days in she felt "uncomfortable". So, she decided to leave because they were arguing too much.

Now, she sticks to dates and trips with her sugar daddies. Palmar said: "I love to go out for dinner – I started seeing it as a social life. You can give me $300 – this is fun for me and exciting."

One particular client has taken her on over 20 holidays. Plus he pays up to £3996 for the privilege per trip.

She said: "He was so fun. He paid for all my travel and stuff."

Palmar is now writing a TV show which focuses on her sex work adventures and its ups and downs. She said: "If that’s what you want to do – don’t feel ashamed. I think it’s amazing. I don’t want anyone to feel ashamed for sex work – it can be fun."

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