Plus size model turns down countless offers to go on holiday from swooning fans

A model and influencer has opened up about her life behind the camera – and shared some issues she faces while travelling as a plus sized woman.

Ahnyla, who lives in LA, has a whopping 20,700 followers on Instagram, @ahnylaa, where she shares fashion, lifestyle and travel snaps with her fans.

The 23-year-old claims that there are benefits to be a public figure from invites to exclusive events to getting to go to stunning locations, but not everything is easy.

But she admits it can be hard to live “in the moment” when you’re always taking snaps – and being plus size has its challenges on planes and in airports.

But, that certainly doesn’t stop her from travelling the world.

The model told Daily Star Online: “Influencers have an eye for a beautiful scenery that will useful for bomb content.

“Although there are some beautiful places to travel, right now Dubai and Miami is what's trendy and seems to be the place to be summer of 2022!

“The good thing about being an influencer is that you can document your travel experience while enjoying yourself.

“The only difficulty is that you can't really live in the moment because you have to make sure your shooting content for your next post or video, but once you change your mentality that you can both travel and make money while your doing it, it becomes easy to just snap a photo somewhere or vlog your experience.

“You also think about how now not only do you have a memory of the experience you had but now you also have documentation that you can always look back on.”

And, influencers also get invited to all the best hotspots.

Ahnyla added: “Here living in LA I have been invited to a few private events and some you might have to sign NDAs to attend.”

But, while the model will be “vacay ready” when invited on trips by brands she’s also been asked to go away with a fan before, but would never agree to go.

She told us: “A fan with bad intentions, I’m pretty sure some ladies can relate to the men in their DMs ready to fly them out somewhere, but mama didn't raise no fool. If it’s not business related I won't be attending.

“I love my fans and Im grateful for their love and support. I would just want to play it safe.”

Ahnyla loves to travel on holidays with friends too – but admits her packing has turned extreme since becoming an influencer.

The curvy model noted: “I can't even tell you how sickening my packing has become.

“Lets say for a three day trip, depending on where I’m going, and what we have planned, I might pack five to six outfits plus three or more swimsuits.”

She also claims to pack “backups” of everything because “you never know what will happen”.

Model Ahnyla is always prepared to avoid unexpected slip ups – and notes that it’s even more important to do so when plus sized as there are lots of obstacles in the way when you’re not average sized.

She commented: “Traveling while plus-size can be difficult in many ways.

“Flying while being plus-size for me is the most difficult especially on long flights. The seats are average size and you don't get a comfortable experience

“While flying, I often have to ask for an extended seatbelt because the seatbelt never fits.

“I also have to use the bathrooms before so that I don't have to get up and bump everyone because the walking space is very narrow.”

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Ahnyla continued: “Also, having to always pay for an extra seat, because if you don't the flight will be extremely uncomfortable for you and the people sitting next you you.

“When it comes to hotels, Airbnbs and resorts, just making sure that the furniture will be able to hold your weight, because sometimes the furniture has a weight limit and that makes you uncomfortable because you don't want to break something.”

Luckily, the model doesn't let anything get in her way and just needs comfortable shoes, her plumping lip gloss and her flat iron to feel a million bucks anywhere in the world.

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