Plane passenger branded ‘disgusting’ for draping hair over the screen behind her

Many cope with the boredom of long flights by watching films.

But for one holidaymaker, this wasn’t a possibility thanks to the passenger in front of them.

The oblivious woman draped her hair onto the entertainment screen behind her.

This obscured the entire device, which probably didn’t go down well with fellow travellers.

When a picture of the lass were posted to Facebook, strangers were equally annoyed by the selfish act.

The snap was captioned: “I wish I had some scissors or I could plait it for her.”

Commenters were quick to agree, with one writing: “I’d give it a little pull… what a rude woman.”

Meanwhile, another suggested: “Order something sweet and sticky and lightly rub it in the ends of her hair”.

Others branded the holidaymaker “disrespectful” and “disgusting”.

But despite the backlash, not everyone was against her.

A Facebook user pointed out that the problem could have been rectified if the affected passenger made a polite request.

They wrote: “Couldn't you just ask her nicely?

“She may not be aware and if she is may respond to politeness.”

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It’s not the first time holidaymakers have been passenger shamed.

Previously, a woman was blasted for getting her child’s potty out on the plane.

Bizarrely, she encouraged the tot to go to the toilet in public instead of in the cubicle.

In another odd moment, passengers were left fuming when a horse was spotted in economy class.

Many admitted they’d be fuming if they were seated near the therapy pet.

Meanwhile, a traveller kicked off when a stranger rested their bare feet on their seat.

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