Pilot who’s ‘had enough’ slams annoying passengers in savage announcement

A pilot has been celebrated for asking his passengers to follow plane etiquette before the flight set off. We’ve all come across holidaymakers who make flying a frustrating experience for others.

The American Airlines captain tried to stop such behaviour before it began with his announcement over the intercom. Footage of the speech was shared on Instagram on July 26 by comedian, Anna Leah Maltezos.

In the speech, the pilot said: Remember the flight attendants are primarily here for your safety, after that they’re going to make your flight more enjoyable.

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"They’re going to take care of you guys, but you will listen to what they have to say because they represent my will in the cockpit or in the cabin. And my will is what matters."

He added that passengers should be "nice" and "respectful" to one another. The captain added that he should have to say anything, but that he did so out of necessity.

He added: "You people should treat people the way you want to be treated. But I have to say it every single flight because people don’t. And they’re selfish and rude and we won’t have it."

He noted that passengers should keep their carry-on luggage “out of everybody else’s way” adding that they should put their "junk where it belongs".

But, the captain didn’t stop there and went on to list things his passengers should not do during the journey. He explained: "Everybody paid for a space. Don’t lean on other people. Don’t fall asleep on other people. Don’t drool on them unless you’ve talked about it and they have a weather-resistant jacket."

He was also not up for passengers playing sounds out loud. He commented: "The social experiment of listening to videos on speaker mode and talking on a cell phone in speaker mode, that is over. Over and done in this country. Nobody wants to hear your video. I know you think it’s super sweet. It probably is, but it’s your business, right? So keep it to yourself."

He added that you should use headphones when watching videos or listening to music adding: "That’s your business, okay? It’s just part of being in a respectful society."

Finally, the pilot spoke about "middle seaters" – those with arguably the worst seat on the plane. He asked them to put their hands up but only five people did so to which he noted that "no one was listening".

The captain added that he knew the middle seats "suck" and as such: "You own both armrests. That is my gift to you. Welcome on board our flight."

Some passengers were baffled by the speech saying "Jesus" in response and asking "What’s going on?" But, after it was shared on social media people praised the crew members speech – and agreed with his etiquette guide.

One comment said: "He’s not wrong. For him to say this, that means he’s fed up with all these childish adults." While another noted: "They should get this guy to write the official pre-flight checks."

A third said: "To the woman who asks ‘what’s going on?’ is part of the reason he has to do this speech every flight."

Others thanked him for giving middle seat passengers the arm rests too. Without access to the aisle or window they often have less advantages than other seat positions – which is also why they’re more likely to get a free upgrade.

The comedian who posted the video said that the speech was "entertaining" and that passengers became "oddly quiet". However, she did add that this may be because "everyone was just so awed by the gift of double armrests they were left speechless".

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