People horrified as man eats raw chicken dish on holiday – and says he likes it

An influencer has horrified his fans by tucking into completely raw chicken while on a holiday in South Korea. While most of us are used to raw fish being eaten as part of a sushi meal the idea of uncooked poultry disturbs many – especially those who worry about salmonella.

You may know some Brits who even overcook their chicken every time just to ensure there’s no uncooked pink centre that could lead to food poisoning. But, that’s not a worry for Johnny Sheldrick, @johnnykynghwo, who dined on the Japanese delicacy while in nearby Korea.

The British Korean TikTok star, who has 1.1million followers, shared a video clip of him trying the foreign speciality dish – known as chicken sushi or Torisashi – on social media. The dish is made up of raw chicken breast sliced very thinly and eaten raw alongside condiments like soy sauce, wasabi and sesame oil.

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In the clip, Johnny said he ate the dish "on purpose" on a food tour in Haenam, South Korea. The restaurant they visited specialised in very "local, free range chicken" including their "chicken sashimi".

While the foodie had never tried totally raw chicken before he wasn’t shy about tucking in saying he’ll "try anything once". In the end, he actually didn’t mind the bizarre dish stating: "It was better than I expected. It didn’t taste like chicken at all."

Johnny added: "The meat didn’t have much flavour to it. So most of the flavour came from the sesame oil and seeds the raw chicken was coated in." He noted that the texture was similar to "raw fish" and "not slimy" but instead "firm, but still easy to chew". The influencer went on to eat "quite a few bites of it" including in a lettuce wrap. In the end he rated the dish eight out of 10, said he "highly recommends" it and noted: "[To be honest] I’d eat more."

The video racked up over 400,000 views and hundreds of comments. One person wrote that "raw chicken bloody stinks" another added the smell makes them "want to barf" while others said that the texture would put them off.

One person said: "I can’t even comprehend the texture of raw chicken. That’s what would throw me off." While another noted: "You can’t eat raw chicken you will get food poisoning."

Many people apparently worried about the risk of sickness or salmonella after eating raw chicken. A TikTok user asked: "What makes it safe to eat there? Isn't chicken highly risky to eat raw?"

Another said: "Only do this in restaurants that specialise in this. Only specific places have safe, raw chicken. Don’t make this at home if you’re not a trained professional.

Australian-based chef Eugene Lee previously told SBS Food that there is a specific way the chicken is cut to make it safe. He said: "Most of the meat actually comes from the most inner part of the chicken breast, nearest to the soft bone. That is the safest part and is less likely to be infested with microbes."

He added that the chicken is usually butchered at the restaurant not the farm as that way the chefs can ensure the breast meat stays uncontaminated. But, the SBS Food recommends cooking chicken until "steaming hot all the way through".

Plus guidance states you should make sure "none of the meat is pink when you cut into the thickest part" and that "any juices run clear". While salmonella is relatively low in UK chickens it does still exist and you also risk campylobacter so absolutely do not eat raw chicken here at home.

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