Passenger spots elderly man sneaking extra hand luggage on flight

An elderly passenger has become an unsung hero amongst TikTok users after he was spotted sneaking an extra bag on to a flight using a crafty trick.

Although airport staff didn't spot his attempt, a fellow passenger did – and they caught the moment on camera.

The clip – accompanied by the 'Don't be suspicious' audio from Parks and Recreation – shows the traveller at the boarding gate, handing over his ticket and holding a large brown bag, which appears to be within his hand luggage allowance.

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Eagle-eyed passengers however spotted that he actually has a second bag, reports the Mirror.

In fact, the man has a rucksack on his back, under his blue jacket – and when you spot it, the outline of the bag becomes obvious.

The video, shared on TikTok user @Elyukaa's feed, has already had over 62,000 views and people have been quick to praise the sneaky trick.

"I love this guy already. Don't even need to know him," one person wrote, while another added: "Man that was clever even I didn’t see it".

Others also quickly revealed their own tricks and hacks for beating hand luggage rules.

"I put my bag over my stomach so I just looked pregnant and took my bag through," one person wrote.

Another added: "Once I pretended my grandma was ahead of me already boarded and I was carrying her bag. I even pretended to call her back."

Hand luggage restrictions can be tricky to navigate.

Of course, the usual hand luggage rules apply to most air carriers – you must bring your liquids in 100ml bottles and leave any explosives and sharp knives at home!

However Brits have also warned to avoid packing items like flip-flops and yellow clothes or potentially risk hefty fines when arriving at a destination.

Always check the importation rules about what you can bring into different countries on the website or on your destination county's advice page before you fly.


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