Passenger splits opinion after refusing to close plane window blind when asked

A plane passenger has revealed they refused to close their window blind after a fellow flyer made the request – and people are divided.

The holidaymaker has turned to Reddit users to determine if they were in the right, after they refused to close their window blind on a short-haul flight.

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The traveller posted on one of Reddit's popular 'Am I The A**hole" threads, explaining they purposefully booked a window seat for the journey "as I enjoy both looking out the window and having the warm sun shine on me".

Boarding the flight, they found they were sharing a row with a woman in the aisle seat, but nobody in the middle seat.

They explained that about 10 minutes into the 7am flight, they were listening to music with headphones on and leaning on the window "enjoying the sun on my face", when their neighbour tapped them on the shoulder and asked them to close the window shade.

The passenger says they refused, explaining "Sorry, but the whole reason I purchase a window seat is to look out the window", only for their fellow passenger to let out "a huge exaggerated sigh" and reply "okay, great".

Following the encounter, they've turned to Reddit to ask whether they were right to deny the request.

They wrote: "I kind of can see where she’s coming from but if she insists on having the shade shut then she could have purchased a window seat. I paid an extra $30 or whatever it was so I feel as if I should be able to do whatever I want with the window shade… AITA?"

Most people appear to be on side, arguing that they were right to politely decline, while some agreed because it was a short-haul journey.

One person wrote: "She politely asked, you respectfully declined. End of story. Her dramatic display of indignation is a reflection of her, not you. Were she to have continued to complain, or ask a flight attendant to make you close the shade, she'd have been in the wrong. If you had acted antagonistically toward her, you'd have been at fault. As is, just another day."

However, others were divided, arguing that the person in the window seat isn't automatically entitled to the sole use. "Just because you paid for a seat doesn't mean nobody else did", wrote one user.

Others felt a compromise could have been reached, with one person stating: "If the person at the window seat gets to control the window, the person in the aisle seat gets to control the aisle. It's public transportation, not a private jet. Be considerate and compromise. Lower the shade halfway to cut down on the glare, and maybe the person on the aisle will gather up their laptop and beverage, raise their tray table, stand up and let you out to pee.

Do you think they were right to refuse to close the window shade? Let us know in the comments below.


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