Packing hack to ‘prevent creasing’ for holiday travel

Richard Tice hits out at demand for child-free air travel

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The experts at Blue Cruise shared their top tips for packing with Many airlines have reduced their cabin baggage allowance, meaning passengers might need to use some clever tips to fit everything they need.

Roll your clothes

“Some people aren’t a fan of ‘the roll’ but it’s an excellent way to save space and keep clothes from creasing if you do it right.

“Lay everything flat, starting with the items that are most likely to crease, building up to pyjamas and crease-proof synthetics like polyester and nylon clothes at the top.

“You can then roll these up tightly and the core items will act as a buffer to stop the outer layers from creasing.”

Rolling clothes is an excellent way to save space and avoid having to deal with lots of creased items on holiday.

Pack your suitcase upright

“It’s common to see people pack a suitcase lying down, but we suggest standing it upright and building up your layers from heaviest to lightest.

“This allows gravity to reveal the true remaining space at the top of your suitcase and it is also a much more accurate display of how your items will lie when you’re pulling your luggage around.”

Packing a suitcase upright might seem unusual but it will give passengers the chance to see how much room there actually is.

For the majority of the time, a wheeled suitcase will be upright so it’s a good indication of how the clothes will sit.

Don’t stuff your shoes

“A common packing tip is to stuff your shoes with underwear and socks. Unless you’re talking about large boots, you’re much better off saving space in your main compartment by compacting shoes to as flat as they can go to maximise the space.

“Plus, not knowing which shoe your clean knickers are in isn’t very fun.

“Instead put your socks, underwear and other small soft items like scarves in the front zip compartment of your bag where you can stuff it full but still squeeze it down when it comes to fitting into measurement requirements.”

Clear plastic bag for toiletries

“They’re not just for airports, clear bags help to avoid leakages as well as make it super easy to see where you’ve put things.

“Just make sure to place them at the top of your suitcase so they’re easy to access and aren’t at risk of being squashed.”

Clear bags can be purchased at most pharmacies and supermarkets but passengers should make sure it meets airline guidelines.

Airports will allow passengers to bring one clear bag and each toiletry must be no more than 100ml.

Put your dirty clothes in a compression bag

“There’s no need to prevent creasing in clothes that are going to go straight in the wash when you’re home.

“By putting all of your dirty clothes in a travel compression bag you can squeeze them down to their smallest size, making room for spontaneous purchases and souvenirs from your trip.”

Compression bags can be purchased online and help to keep items small, making packing simple.

People could even use them for clean clothes if they aren’t too bothered about a little creasing.

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