One of the world’s most dangerous tourist attractions is in the UK

While many tourists go on holiday to relax, some holidaymakers prefer their travel with a hint of danger. Research from holiday company, holidu, found the world’s most dangerous natural wonders.

The team looked at the average number of deaths and accidents compared to the number of visitors to find the world’s most dangerous attractions.

Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, was named the second most dangerous natural attraction in the world. In 2023, one person sadly lost their life on the mountain.

In 2017, seven people were killed on Ben Nevis while six people died in 2016. The majority of deaths occur off the main tourist track.

In 2018, three experienced climbers were killed in an avalanche on the mountain which threw them down the Number 5 Gully, on Ben Nevis’s north-east face.

Mountaineering Scotland recommends that only people with a reasonable level of fitness attempt the climb. Tourists should stick to The Mountain Track, which starts at the visitor centre in Glen Nevis.

While this is the most straightforward route to the summit, it’s a demanding walk which takes around six to nine hours to complete. Tourists should always check the weather forecast before attempting the climb.

The world’s most dangerous natural wonder was Mont Blanc in France. Some estimates put the mountain’s fatality rate at around 100 hikers per year.

The mayor of Saint-Gervais suggested climbers should pay a 15,000 euro (£13,086) deposit to summit the mountain. He said inexperienced climbers need to be deterred from attempting the climb.

Jean-Marc Pelliex said: “Everyone has to be aware that when there are idiots who break the rules, there are consequences. Human consequences for them, because they can die. But there are also human consequences for the rescuers, who will go to look for their dead body or who will go to rescue them.”

The world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, took fourth place on the list. Although many climbers reach the mountain’s base camp each year, fewer than 10,000 people have reached the peak.

World’s most dangerous natural wonders

  1. Mont Blanc, Italy/France
  2. Ben Nevis, UK
  3. Mount Fuji, Japan
  4. Mount Everest, Nepal
  5. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  6. Yosemite National Park, USA
  7. Table Mountain, South Africa
  8. Matterhorn, Switzerland
  9. Grand Canyon, USA
  10. The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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