One-eyed cat becomes star passenger on flight after being discovered in cabin

A cat has gone viral after he was found wandering around the cabin of a commercial plane mid-flight. While fellow passengers and even children often like to move around the aisles while flying animals are far less commonly spotted.

Usually, cats, dogs and other furry friends are stored in the hold when being flown to another country. This is often in a separate part of the cargo beneath the cabin – unlike where your bags go it is heated and pressurised to keep them safe.

So spotting one playing in the aisle or sneaking around the galley is rare. Earlier this week, however, a TikTok poster – Madison Flores @diet.bean – shared a 13-second clip that gained over 9million views.

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In the video, a one-eyed ginger cat can be seen exploring the plane’s galley. The cute little cat slinks around on the floor sniffing at various trolleys and drawers before lying back down to relax in its newfound spot.

The cat did have a collar on, but many commenters questioned how a cat got onto the plane. Especially as it doesn’t have thumbs to hold a boarding pass!

Not visible on the camera, a member of the flight crew can be overheard asking passengers to check if "your cat is not in your bag”. Some airlines do allow pets to travel with their owners in the main cabin so long as they are kept in a carrier.

Others only allow this is the animal is a support animal. Currently, it is unclear whether this was the case for the cute one-eyed cat enjoying the galley.

In this case, it seems the Delta flight did not have a purring stowaway, but instead the cat had simply slipped away from its owner who was sitting in the cabin. A Delta representative seemingly confirmed that the cat was traveling with the airline telling Insider: "The cat's out of the bag."

They said: "Everyone — including our feline friends — are required to remain seated while the aircraft is taxiing for takeoff. While our four-legged friend's fun was short-lived, it now knows even the hippest of cats must remain in their carrier stowed under the seat in front of their owner."

In the comments, people were far from complaining about the escapee kitty. "Honestly allowing cats to freely roam an airplane would make the flight so much more enjoyable," one said.

Another added: "I’d volunteer to watch the cat until they found the owner." While one woman exclaimed: "OMG I would love it so much if a kitty got loose on my next flight."

While many posted jokes, including Sarah who said: "Not me fully checking my purse under the seat unsure if I accidentally packed a one eyed cat." Another added: "He’s just keeping an eye out for trouble."

A third joked: "Me apologising bc it’s definitely my cat that got out of his bag. It is 100% MY cat that I brought on this plane and that I will now bring home."

It's also not the first time an animal has escaped its owner while on a commercial flight. One commenter noted: "Same thing happened on a flight I was on, except it was a very large husky that someone claimed was a service dog."

Plus, earlier this year, JetBlue plane passengers were surprised when a flight attendant held aloft a large fluffy cat mid-journey. The feline – named Bria had been exploring the cabin after a clever escape.

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