Mum furious as man pokes ‘pig trotter’ feet through gap on son’s plane armrest

There are lots of irritating and disgusting things that fellow passengers get up to when flying on holiday. Recently it was shared that being drunk on board annoyed people the most – but there are lots of other habits that rub people up the wrong way.

Cutting your nails on a flight or using nail polish infuriate some while others are bugged by people reclining their seats. But, a recent tourist was "fuming" for a very different reason.

Stacey Webber posted on Facebook after her son was confronted by the sight of someone else’s feet edging their way onto his arm rest.

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Sharing some snaps, Stacey showed the man’s feet on the arm rest closest to the window. They edged up to rest on the ledge of the window of the seat in front – where a young man named Spencer was sitting.

His mother wrote: "Spencer fuming and borking at the passenger behind him thinking it’s okay to slot his grippers through the side of his chair. Gross… not the window seat view he had in mind…hope it was Spencer’s Mac and Cheese that the smell was coming from.

"Spitting feathers was my boy (how would you feel about this?) get your piggy trotters back on your own chair or buy an extra leg room seat dosser."

In the comments people were gobsmacked by the behaviour. One woman wrote: "How can people even think this is okay?"

To which Stacey replied: "Honestly he was fuming… he was like 'no! Absolutely not! Is that some sort of a joke! I am not sitting here! I can’t look at them!'

"Is he for real! Why would you even do that! I’m not happy! It’s disgusting! Mam stop it! It’s not funny! I’m not having that!' I couldn’t stop laughing at Spencer getting in a right stinker about it."

Another woman said: "I would have asked them to bloody well move them, sweaty little gits." While another said they’d have "booted off".

Stacey added that the man’s wife spotted her taking a photo of his feet. She said: "They didn’t stay there or I would of told him to get them off Spencer’s arm rest that I paid for."

The family aren't the first ones to be affected by holidaymakers getting their feet out on a flight. Last week, a holidaymaker tore off his socks and showed off his bare feet on a recent flight.

Posting a video on TikTok, @reverseosmosis369, a fellow tourists filmed as the man flaunted his bare footedness.At first, he seems like a rude traveller getting his dogs out for other passengers to turn their noses up at.

However, some commenters also noticed that he actually has six toes … he had a double little toe. A second pinky sat below the usual one.

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