Mum brands stranger ‘spiteful’ after refusing to entertain her son on flight

Travelling with a child can often be difficult if you're struggling to keep them entertained.

You might carry a couple of toys, books or video games for them to play, but it's not always enough.

So when one woman decided to ask for another plane passenger to help, it didn't go down well.

It all happened when the parent asked if the woman would trade her window seat to sit in the aisle.

She wanted her seven-year-old son to keep himself entertained by looking out of the window.

The woman agreed and began to watch a film on her phone, but 20 minutes later the mum and son swapped seats.

As the child was sitting in the middle, he had a view of superhero film Venom, which the woman had been watching.

But as a violent scene came up, the mum tapped her on the shoulder and asked if it was appropriate as her son was watching.

She responded to say the film was rated a 15, to which the mum suggested she put something more suitable for children on.

The woman told the mum she was going to continue the film, then the child asked if she had any games he could play.

She told him: "No, because I'm watching a movie," as the mum replied: "Come on, he's bored."

The conversation escalated when the woman told her: "It's not my problem that your child is bored, you should have planned ahead."

Two minutes later and once again the mum and child swapped places, this time the parent was next to the passenger.

When the film finished before the trip ended, the woman opened Spotify to listen to some music.

But the woman fired back when the mum said "you could at least let my kid play a game now you spiteful b****."

And the passenger wasn't going to let her have the last word…

She fired back: "How about you be f***ing grateful I let your kid look out the window the entire flight you ungrateful c***."

It got even more awkward when they sat next to each other in silence until the plane touched down.

After sharing the story on Reddit, others praised the woman for her patience.

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One said: "You sit next to my child? You better entertain them. This mindset is so entitled and disgusting."

Another loved how the woman handled the situation, describing it as "That's chef's kiss perfect."

While a third commented: "As a mum. Dear God plan better… good for you standing your ground."

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