Mum avoids paying Disney ticket by sneaking toddler daughter in pram

A woman exposed a mum for hiding her young daughter in a stroller to gain free entry to Disneyland.

Monica Garcier and her friends were stunned to see the parent sneaking her child in the theme park when they queued to get in by the front gate.

"When Disney ticket prices go up… poor kid was in an infant car," her friend said in a TikTok video.

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The video shows two women getting their admission tickets checked by a member of the staff at the front gate.

One of them is pushing a pram with a school-age girl inside.

She is covered in blanket and has her face covered by the shade cover.

When they pass through, the worker takes a quick glance at the "baby" and smiles and she tends to the next customer.

Monica and her friend Alejandra follow them once they get in – the mum lifts her daughter up from the stroller, who dolls up in a beautiful Cinderella dress.

"We paid for our tickets and witnessed the funniest thing we had ever seen, so we decided to share it so you can laugh too," Monica added.

A one-day Disneyland Paris ticket starts from £50 depending on the date and time of the visit and in the US, entry for one to Disney World park ranges from $109 (£98) per day.

Disneyland has a rule that kids under three go free.

With the cost-of-living crisis affecting people globally, viewers said it's "not a bad idea" to save up a little.

One said: "My son is four but at Disneyland, he knows he's two."

Another wrote: "I support her, I mean, why not! And I don't even have kids, Disney is so expensive!"

A third commented: "I fully support this because we went in May and it was literally like taking a second mortgage out on our house."

Some former Disneyland workers said they have seen the trick before.

One shared: "I worked at the entrance in the past and let me tell you all, they didn't pay enough to care that much. I see a stroller, kid says he's two, I say 'have a nice day'."

"Worked at the front gates, trust me we know, we are told to just let it go," a second added.


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