Making this classic mistake when you book airfare can cost you $90

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a large passenger jet flying through a blue sky: A classic method of searching for airfares may need some updating.

This may be a one-way ticket to big savings.

Stop defaulting to just looking at round-trip airfare prices when you buy plane tickets. An analysis by airfare research app Hopper found that booking two one-way tickets — otherwise known as hacker fares — rather than a round-trip ticket can save you money pretty often.

“On domestic routes, we found hacker fares will be cheaper 11% of the time and offer an average savings of 10% or $33,” Hayley Berg, an economist at Hopper, told MarketWatch.

If you’re going overseas, the savings can be even bigger: “On international routes, we found hacker fares will be cheaper 18% of the time and offer an average savings of 14% or $92,” she said.

Of course, those are just averages, so sometimes the savings could be even more. Travel site KAYAK (KYAK)  — which has a section for hacker fares — found that it could mean up to 40% in savings.

Hacker fares may be particularly relevant for people who live in cities serviced by multiple airlines, particularly budget airlines that offer dirt-cheap rates. Indeed, recent sales (though now over) included one-way Caribbean flights for $59, domestic flights for $69 and European flights for under $100. Often with deals like these the return flight on the same airline is significantly higher.

Hacker fares tend to offer the biggest savings in certain cities, according to a new analysis from KAYAK. Booking hacker fares to Kona, Hawaii, and Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., tend to offer the biggest savings (around 22%), followed by St. Augustine, Fla.; Palm Springs, Calif., and Niagara Falls. 

Expert flyers like George Hobica, founder of airline deal site, say they frequently look for one-way tickets to save money for reasons other than just the savings on airfare.

Sometimes the timing is better, Hobica explains: “Maybe the flight times on a round-trip ticket on A or B might not be ideal for your schedule; buying one-ways you have more flight-time flexibility.”

And it could lead to lower cancellation fees, he says: “Let’s say you buy a $300 round-trip on [airline] A and need to change or cancel the outward trip or the return trip. You’ll forfeit $200 in cancellation fees,” he explains. “But if you’ve bought a $150 one-way on A and a $150 one-way return on B and you are only changing/cancelling one of the flights, you’re only out $150 (the cost of one of the segments).”

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