Locals slam ‘selfish and self-entitled’ tourists parking cars on busy beach

Locals have slammed a small convoy of cars after they drove onto popular staycation spot Anglesey beach. Not only did the 4×4 vehicles roll onto the sand but it seems they also parked up there while children were playing.

The event was documented online with residents furious at a number of recent parking incidents. Plenty of people have also been angered by motorhomes taking up parking spaces and people’s driveways being blocked.

Anglesey, in Wales, is a popular spot with holidaymakers thanks to its wide open beaches, beautiful bays and plenty of opportunity for waterspouts and hiking. However, now some beaches have had lockable barriers erected to stop tourists from driving onto the sand.

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Anglesey Council said bylaws are in place banning vehicular access on many of the island’s beaches. The local authority pledged to consider installing more barriers if problems persisted.

The incident with the convoy of cars happened on bank holiday Monday, claims NorthWalesLive. Three 4x4s drive onto Traeth Cysgod y Llanw at Porth Trefadog, near Llanfwrog, on the island's northern coast.

Land by the "quiet and secluded" beach is mostly private. Meaning that parking can run out quickly although there are public footpaths in the area.

Photos showed that vehicle had a boat trailer and rubber dinghy. According to witnesses, the tourists stopped for a BBQ and left all of their litter behind in a shocking display.

One woman said more vehicles were parked further along the beach. She said that she was upset to see the sand used as "a car park".

On Facebook, she said: "There were people there with children playing not expecting to have to look out for cars. I had to call my dog back to me as there was one driving towards her.

"It’s not great when we can’t feel safe on our local beaches. I felt angry and upset – I’m not a fan of selfish, inconsiderate and self-entitled behaviour. I wouldn’t dream of driving onto a beach but it seems that some people think they can park wherever they want."

The parking is not only a safety risk, but also poses the problem of possible oil leaks on the sand and an effect on local wildlife. Commenters on the Facebook post labelled the drivers "idiots" and "irresponsible".

"It is totally selfish to drive cars onto that beach," said a Facebook user. "Clearly not appropriate but some people don’t care about others."

It’s not the first time that suspected holidaymakers have driven onto the UK’s beaches. A local man was left laughing after he spotted the three cars stranded on a Cornish beach, saying "idiot summer" has begun.

Connor Duffy, 33, a chef from Newquay, Cornwall, was gobsmacked after spotting the vehicles drive onto Towan Beach. Connor, from Newquay, said: "They all drove down together… didn’t look like they knew each other as they were all separate cars."

Despite there apparently being plenty of parking spots based around the golden sands of the beach the cars instead chose to drive onto it. The three cars soon had to get help from the RNLI service in Newquay as they became stuck on the usually idyllic coast.

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