Is Canada on the green list for travel?

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Holidaymaking Britons have had their options increased markedly in mid-2021. The addition of the red, amber and green lists has allowed people to pick from destinations ranked by their Covid rates. The green list is the least restrictive of the three and allows tourists to return to the UK without quarantine.

Is Canada on the green list for travel?

The green list includes countries with minimal Covid infection rates, making them the safest destinations.

At present, it is the least comprehensive of the available three categories but includes several holiday hotspots.

People, whether vaccinated or not, can enjoy relatively frictionless holidays to 36 destinations.

Canada currently resides on the Government’s amber list, which contains most destinations.

The country has relatively low Covid rates – at least compared to the UK – of roughly 837 per day.

But the current trajectory suggests it is at the base of a fourth wave, with infections having risen from around 400 in mid-July.

Although current rules exempt unvaccinated Brits from quarantine and don’t bar travel, Canadian authorities have taken a more hardline approach.

They shut down their borders early on in the pandemic.

The move started with the US border in March 2020 and has since spread to other countries.

Anyone hoping to travel to Canada for holiday purposes will find themselves barred.

Most foreign nationals, including people wanting to cross the border from the US, can’t enter unless they meet exception criteria.

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The only people able to travel to Canada include:

  • Temporary foreign workers
  • International students
  • Canadian citizens
  • Permanent residents and their immediate and extended families

Anyone aged five and above who meets these criteria must arrive with proof of a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours earlier.

Authorities won’t allow people without a negative test to board planes bound for or enter Canada.

Canadian authorities don’t envision allowing people to enter their borders until enough of the population is vaccinated.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced an ideal first-dose coverage of 75 percent before non-essential visitors enter Canada’s borders.

Currently, a total of 70.40 percent of people have received one dose, and 55.71 both.

Mr Trudeau’s office believes the country could welcome vaccinated non-essential travellers by September this year.

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