Inside Epic McD's – the world's biggest McDonald's that serves STEAK

Inside the world’s biggest McDonald’s where you can order pizza and STEAK

  • TikToker’s are visiting the world largest McDonald’s located in Orlando, Florida 
  • Epic McD’s offers exclusive menu items such as the discontinued McPizza
  • The impressive restaurant spans 19,000 square ft and has its own arcade  

TikTokers are sharing their experiences of visiting the world’s largest McDonald’s, – known as Epic McD – where fast-food fans can order steak sandwiches and pizza. 

The giant three-storey restaurant spans 19,000 square ft and has a fish tank, a woodfire pizza oven, a desert bar, a huge arcade and even a 22ft play area.

Menu items range from pasta and pizza to Philly steak sandwiches, gateaux and frozen Fanta drinks.

The world’s biggest McDonalds is located in Orlando, Florida and spans 19,000 square ft and even has its own exclusive menu 

The unique restaurant has a specialised menu and serves pasta and steak sandwiches, it even offers discontinued items such as the McPizza

McDonald’s fans can also purchase frozen Fanta and have their pick from various sweet treats at the desert bar 

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TikToker @peakacity recorded his visit to the famous McDonald’s on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. 

As the influencer glimpsed the vast menu, he said: ‘We first started with a McPizza, which actually is the only location in the world where you can still get this, and it’s $10.48, and very good.

‘They also have a refreshing Frozen Fanta, which is $2.99.’

He added: ‘Something that I never thought I would find at McDonald’s was pasta.

‘They have the McPasta, which is $13.88 and I got it without feta and the olives, and it was actually very good as well.’

The TikToker shared footage from inside the huge building, revealing what the space has to offer. 

He said: ‘They have an arcade space, they have an amazing park. [It] was honestly so big it felt like I was in a city.’

The user urged his 120,000 followers to visit the restaurant, adding: ‘If you’re in the Orlando area, definitely come and check out the world’s biggest McDonald’s.’

Customers at the world’s largest McDonald’s can create their own pizza! If you fancy another Italian option, pasta is also on the menu and comes on served on a plate 

The $8.79 Philly Cheese Steak sandwich is another popular item and has attracted the attention from customers up and down the country 

Epic McD’s also offers sweet treats from its designated desert bar – the peanut butter cake is a popular option and is only $5.29

For customers wanting to venture beyond the vast menu, the store offers a 22ft play area for children to enjoy

They also house an impressive arcade where customers can pay to play games individually

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Epic McD’s has attracted global attention, and a Brit even ventured to the far-away restaurant. 

User @katie_ellison said: ‘On the menu you will find things you wouldn’t find in normal McDonald’s say, for example pasta or pizza.

‘My son had the pasta and it came in an actual bowl and a proper knife and fork, and a little bit of garlic bread.’ 

The video has racked up an imprsessive following and has received over 400,000 likes and 38,000 shares from McDonald’s fans. 

Some users commented on the spectacle, one said: ‘I’ve been there it’s so cool.’ 

Another agreed: ‘I love it there,’ while others planned their trips to the unique restaurant. 

One person joked: ‘Did the McFlurry machine work though, that is the question.’ 

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