Influencer slammed after ‘flashing nipples’ at Disneyland in ‘social experiment’

An influencer has been criticised for flashing her breasts at a theme park – but insists it was a "social experiment". The Hong Kong social media star showed her nipples on a trip to Disneyland.

Emilia Wong gained mixed reactions from people online with many saying it was inappropriate to bare her chest around children, reports Hype. Especially, as it goes against Disney's park dress code.

Still, others complimented the young woman on her looks and outfit. Emilia has posted a snap of herself on Instagram, @emiliawyk.censored, where she flaunted her skimpy outfit.

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The young woman claims her risque theme park outfit – conceding of a pair of denim shorts, a see-through purple bodysuit and a tie-front purple cardigan – was a social experiment. Emilia claims that she got the idea after seeing people criticise another woman for showing how she cared for her hair online. The commenters, who believed the woman should wear a hair covering, said the woman has no self-respect.

So, Emilia says this inspired her to dress sexily in Disneyland and see peoples reactions.

Emilia has over 46,000 followers who saw the image where she posed in the barely there outfit on the teacups ride. She also wore a pair of plush, pink ears.

The caption, when translated, reads: "Wearing a purple suit for social experiment. Mysterious results will be announced later."

Not everyone was against the look. One commenter said: "This underwear design concept is amazing". Whole another added: "Wow, that’s the Princess in my mind."

But, one warned: "Don’t be surprised by an Instagram ban" in reference to the site’s censoring rules. Some posters even asked whether the topless snap was "AI generated".

Instagram isn’t the only rule break Emilia might be making.

Disneyland has strict rules about what you can wear inside the parks. Adults are not allowed to wear costumes that emulate the characters at the parks or revealing or inappropriate clothing.

Last year, Jordyn Graime was filmed strolling around Disney World in an open-back top but was soon told by staff that she had violated the park's dress code, which prohibits "exposing excessive portions of skin".

She was told by the staff and was told that she had violated the theme park's regulations. A video showed her holding a receipt from an Orlando Disney Park store after she had changed into an oversized yellow top.

"So they give you free T-shirt out of it," she added. "Disney doesn't like backs I guess…"

Skimpy attire is a no-no at Disney parks, with the website adding that it bans: "Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment." We're pretty sure that includes the nipples…

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