Influencer shows how models fake perfect sexy beach snaps despite ‘cellulite’

A stunning influencer and journalist has spoken up about the reality of Instagram and how models take their best holiday bikini snaps.

Danae Mercer, 35, regularly posts on social media to promote “self love” and body positivity.

The successful influencer has a whopping 2.4m Instagram followers, @danaemercer, and is beloved by her fans for being “real” and giving them the inside tips on “angles” and posing.

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Last week, the blonde bombshell took to the platform to explain how models achieve the perfect beachside snap.

In one clip, Danae showed herself reclining on the beach in a striped bikini – her long, tanned legs glowed in the sunshine, her abs were defined and taut and she held her hair back with slender arms.

She captioned the shot: “Remember you can be this girl, but also…”

Danae then showed herself sitting on the sand in a black bikini and hat, she relaxed with her legs crossed showing her stomach looking less toned and her legs unposed.

She wrote: “You can be this girl too.”

In the Instagram caption, Danae urged her fans to wear their bikinis no matter if they had “cellulite” or “dimples in their thighs”.

The influencer said: “A woman messaged me today saying she bought her very first bikini.

“She always thought she was too wiggly, too ‘imperfect’, to own one. But today she realized otherwise.

“That gal went shopping. Every week, women talk to me about shorts. About swimsuits. About cellulite on their legs. About dimples in their thighs. And about how, how they CANNOT, cannot wear certain things.

“Only this is changing. They are changing. We are changing. Day by day, second by second, we are switching what’s normal.”

Danae continued: “We are sliding into those shorts, buying those bikinis, speaking our minds and our truths, flaunting our brains, being all the wonderful, complex bits that combine together to make women and woman.

“This is just one instance, a glimpse. A little video to remind you of a very, very big thing: You are not designed to be perfect.

“Your power lies in all that’s COMPLEX, all that’s NUANCED, all that’s MAGNIFICENT and, yes, all that’s gloriously NORMAL.”

She noted: Like bum dimples. Like insecurities. Like confusions and hopes and great photos and bad moments and laughter and ALL. We’re in this together. So go get that bikini.”

In the comments, Danae’s fans praised her message.

One woman said: “I don't wear bikini's tbh [to be honest] but my mindset is changing…I'm starting to wear the shorts, the bikini might be next.”

“Still wearing my bikini at 51, and whoever has a problem with that, it's their problem, not mine,” added another.

A third wrote: “I have one breast and one scar because of breast cancer. I look different with a half flat chest, but I'm perfect as I am.

“I wear what I want. Don’t hide anything, your dimples, cellulite or scar! Wear whatever the ef you want!”

And, another posted noted: “You’re changing people’s lives!”


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