I'm a travel expert and these are my 6 tips for finding cheap flights

‘The era of £10 flights is dead – but you can still fly for cheap’: Travel expert reveals 6 top tips for landing flights for less… including one that nets a saving of £1,100 for a London to LA trip

  • The tips come from Nicky Kelvin, Editor at Large of The Points Guy UK travel site
  • In a TikTok video he reveals how including a stopover can bring huge savings
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‘They say the era of £10 flights is dead, but you can still fly for cheap.’

So says Nicky Kelvin, Editor at Large of The Points Guy UK travel site, on a recent TikTok video in which he reveals six top tips for saving money on flights.

One of the tips from the self-professed ‘Miles Mogul’ nets a saving of £1,100 on a flight from London to LA. Scroll down for more…

1. Be flexible 

Nicky recommends using Google Flights to explore cheap flight options across the globe.

He says: ‘I love using Google Flights to do these super-flexible searches.

‘You can put in the dates you are able to fly and the amount of time you want to go away for, and this will find the cheapest flights within those parameters.’

Speaking to the MailOnline, he added: ‘This allows users to search destinations and track prices to find and book the most cost-effective flights options for the times and dates they want to travel.’

2. Set price alerts 

‘Access exclusive offers and deals to get the best prices,’ Nicky said.

‘Simply click the “Track Price” alerts at the top of Google Flights.’ 

 3. Stopovers 

It is worth considering stopovers, which can help you make huge savings on your travel fare, according to Nicky.

The travel expert demonstrates this method by showing how to save £1,100 on a flight from London to LA.

‘Think about stopovers. On these dates [June 4 to 10] flying from London to LA direct costs over £1,700,’ he adds.

‘Same dates, same destination, but add a stop – £600.’

Nicky Kelvin reveals six top tips on how to book cheaper flights in a video on TikTok where he recommends flexibility, using stopovers and checking different airports among other methods

4. Mix and match airlines

Nicky said you’ll ‘be amazed by the savings which can be made’ by mixing and matching airlines on inbound and outbound journeys.

Pointing to flights to Tel Aviv, he gives an example of flying outbound with Wizz Air and inbound with easyJet to help keep prices low.

His screen shows prices available from £176 for the return journey highlighted as ‘£142 cheaper than usual’.

5. Arrival and departure points

‘Check lots of different airports – both departure points, if you can, and arrival points,’ Nicky urges fellow travellers on TikTok.

‘Here I’ve searched Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels and this got me these super-cheap fares out of Brussels – £345 to New York.

6. Points and miles

The final tip from Nicky suggests using points and miles to keep flight costs down.

‘You can fly all around Europe for as little as 50p tax and Avios when you want to fly British Airways,’ he says.

‘There are lots of different programmes and lots of different ways to earn… You can use points and miles to pay almost nothing for your flights.’

Nicky further recommends collecting Avios for everyday purchases and following The Points Guy UK for tips and advice on how to earn and use miles.

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