‘I wanted cute holiday snaps — but I got hospitalised with mystery swollen face’

A woman was left heartbroken after she hoped to get some beautiful snaps and make happy memories on holiday with her boyfriend — but ended up hospitalised with a swollen face.

Taylor Johnstone shared a montage of "cute" pictures she'd taken of her and her partner on their holiday to Santorini, an island in the Aegean Sea.

However, the holiday quickly became a nightmare when her face became so swollen she could barely see and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

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In a video, which has gained more than 7,000 views, Taylor said her "holiday didn’t go quite as planned."

Over the top of the pics, Taylor, who posts on social media under the username @taylorjohnstone25, wrote: "Me thinking I'd get the cutest pics in Santorini. Night 1 – looking cute, having a good time, unaware of what's about to happen. Living my best life in the sun.

"Night 2 – enjoying the sunset in Oia with my love, still unaware of what I'll wake up like."

But on day three it all started to go downhill as she explained that she had "woken up a tad swollen" but she didn't think it would get much worse and tried to get on with her trip as best she could.

However, it got much worse and became painful — which she said was "not looking cute" and prompted her to go to the hospital.

TikTok users took to the comments to wish her well — but she has not yet explained what happened to cause the swelling.

One user said: "Oh no Taylor! Hope you are ok x."

Another added: "What caused it?"

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A third claimed to have had a similar experience on their holiday, writing: "Me in Greece."

The news comes after a woman claimed her relaxing holiday abroad turned into a nightmare after she contracted sun poisoning.

Abbie Leverseidge, 22, from Northampton, jetted off to the Spanish island of Lanzarote with her boyfriend Kieron, 21, earlier this month.

But, on her second day, her face was left so swollen by the condition that she was unrecognisable.

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