‘I lived in Thai party town and got attacked by vampires during brutal trip’

A man who spent five years living in Thailand has warned tourists to be careful when partying after thinking he was being attacked by vampires during one particularly gnarly trip.

Dan Nash, 45, spent five years living in the country – but has some worrying stories when it comes to excess.

The brand strategist, originally from Margate, has lived in several places across Thailand and Laos as a self-confessed "South East Asian food geek".

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However, not everything the Brit tastes while on the tropical island of Ko Phangan went down nicely. While magic mushrooms are completely illegal in Thailand, many businesses openly sell them. Meanwhile, cannabis is legal.

Recalling one incident, Dan said that he ordered a 'very light' milkshake at a bar – and soon found himself believing he was surrounded by vampires.

He told the Daily Star: "Next thing I knew I thought I was on the TV show ‘True Blood’ and it was one of their vampire parties and everyone at the bar was a vampire trying to turn me into one of them so I spent the whole evening trying to run away from them.

"I was in a state of terror with people trying to look after me but I kept pushing them away as I thought they were all vampires! It went on for hours and hours, felt like it would never end. One of worst experiences of my life."

Dan’s not the only one to be hit hard by a bad trip in Thailand. While living in Hat Rin – famous for its full moon parties – he claims to have seen some nasty business.

He told Daily Star: “One story that stands out was at a bar on a remote part of the island known for its all-night parties. One night someone was tripping so hard he ran from the dance floor and jumped up onto the bamboo roof over the DJ booth.

“He immediately fell through the roof onto the decks, destroyed the equipment and then ran straight into the jungle never to be seen again (probably best for him). That’s how you silence a party very quickly."

Dan claims that the attitudes of tourists aren’t doing the island any favours and said he thinks that Brits need to be careful when partying.

He explained: "[The full moon parties] are very disruptive – full of young, very wasted travellers not behaving well and making noise 24/7. The full moon parties attract younger travellers who don’t realise that Asia is a completely different culture to the west.

"They do things that can be very offensive and disrespectful to Thai people. There is a lot of havoc – motorbike crashes, constant screaming, people passed out on the streets etc but that's mainly over the full moon party time.”

It’s important to always be aware of local laws, rules and customs when travelling. You can find more information on Thailand on the gov.uk website.

You can find Dan – a brand strategist and foodie at his website sixeightagency.com where he turns restaurant into "cult brands" or on LinkedIn.

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