‘I get free holidays to Majorca and Cornwall just because of the suitcase I use’

A young woman has revealed how she manages to get free holidays to places like Cornwall, the Lake District and Mallorca. All she had to do to get the perk is carry a specific suitcase on holiday with her.

Amelia Wheatcroft-Brown, 28, an influencer and full-time specialty insurance broker living in Leeds is what’s now known as a "bagvertiser". She’s sent on fun trips in the UK and abroad completely without charge.

In return she carried around a suitcase which advertises hotel brand Cook's Club. With the hotel’s snaps and details printed on her bag she’s a walking advertisement for its newly opened hotel in Calvia Beach, earning her a free holiday to visit the hotel in Mallorca.

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Speaking to Daily Star, Amelia said: "I signed up to be a bagvertiser with Cook's Club and the process was incredibly straightforward and efficient. I signed up because it said you would be paid in a free holiday to Mallorca, and I've never been to Mallorca before, so I'm really excited to road trip around the island when we're there next month as well as enjoying the hotels.

"I've really enjoyed the bagvertising experience so far, it's been very easy and I would definitely recommend. I'm basically required to use the bags while travelling as a walking advertisement and also to create content including images and hi-resolution videos that can be used commercially, via the brand’s social channels.

"The suitcases are quite eye catching and you do notice people reading the cover."

The bag isn’t the only way Amelia gets free holidays though – she has 21,000 followers, @ameliawbrown. As part of being a glam social media user with fans she gets gifted trips every year.

Amelia told the Travel team: "Through my Instagram account I get to travel around two to three times a year on gifted trips with a range of brands. So far, I've been to various UK destinations such as the Lake District, Manchester and Cornwall.

"Cornwall was my favourite destination so far as I love the beach and the hotel was amazing, the details were perfect with a sea view. The trips are free in the sense of not paying for the flights and accommodation, however, we are working on the trip and before the trip creating content for brands that they can use on their channels which will ultimately entice their audience to book holidays."

A spokesperson for Cook’s Club, said: "Our guests are young, interesting and fun-loving holidaymakers so we wanted to celebrate the launch of our new Calvia Beach hotel with something equally fun and interesting.

"We believe our 'bagvertising’'concept is a first-of-its-kind initiative and we will be rolling out our Cook’s Club-branded luggage during April and May."

Cook’s Club Calvia Beach opened in May 2023 in Palmanova, a resort popular with UK holidaymakers. Rooms cost from £82 per night for two guests for the Bed & Breakfast board; cooksclub.com.

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