How retired British expats afford cruises and holidays with brilliant passive income idea

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Norm and Tina spoke with about they fund a retirement many dream of. Retiring at 60 and 58 respectively, the pair have enjoyed a lifestyle full of adventure.

They explained how they fund their retirement, using a clever passive income idea based on their skills and lifestyle.

Norm and Tina, who run the YouTube channel This Is Our Retirement, with 45.5 subscribers, sold their home as part of their plan to fund retirement.

“We always knew in our marriage that we would sell our house to fund retirement and we did that, sold the house and rented an apartment,” they explained.

“We invested the money from the sale of the house.”

The couple thought carefully about how much they would need to fund their dream retirement lifestyle.

They said: “We drew up a 10 year budget of $25K per year based on vacations we had already done, like a cruise.

“We knew the average cost of a cruise or land stay and how many days we would want to travel in a year, and it’s worked out well.”

The couple is even able to make money while travelling as Norm has a relevant skill.

“Norm is a stock photographer and stock video producer so we have built a library of images, which produce a passive income through royalties which helps with finances,” the pair explained.

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Before retirement, the pair made some lifestyle tweaks to save money.

They explained: “We had spent two years prior to retirement downsizing and decluttering, selling and donating stuff we didn’t need.

“We did a budget of what our monthly living costs would be and reduced it to a very modest level.

“We knew travel would be our main activity, we wanted to use our good health and mobility while we had it.

“We set a bucket list based on where we had dreamt of visiting and that fit into our travel budget.”

Now the couple spends half of the year in Portugal, where they love to explore The Algarve.

They have also enjoyed a transatlantic cruise from Lisbon to Boston during their retirement.

Norm and Tina are passionate about Portugal, for the weather and the food especially.

They said: “Portugal isn’t as hot but has a spring-like climate in The Algarve.

“The other thing we really love about The Algarve is the deep blue skies when the sun is out.

“The food in Portugal is amazing a lot is locally grown and offers a wide variety.

Currently, 46,238 Britons live in Portugal, according to the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

Tina and Norm post new videos to their YouTube channel Saturdays at 11:45am EST.

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