Honeymoon horror as hotel shower door explodes on husband

A couple’s dream honeymoon was ruined after an exploding shower door knocked the husband unconscious, leaving him bleeding on the floor.

Sarah, 37, and Scot Field, 39, were in Tunisia on holiday with their four children Emma, 16, Oliver, 13, Jack, 7, and Josh, 2.

On the penultimate day of their $5470 honeymoon at Sahara Beach Hotel, Mr Field was knocked unconscious by the glass shower door, which exploded while he was in the bathroom.

“I was having a shower and water got underneath the bottom of the door and it came away as the screen was literally held in by silicon,” he told Sun Online Travel.

Scot Field was left unconscious and bleeding after the shower screen door exploded. Picture: Sarah FieldSource:Supplied

“All of a sudden it smashed, hit me on the head and knocked me out.”

In her complaint to travel company Thomas Cook, his wife Sarah said: “He lost consciousness, had two fits and had to be taken to hospital to have all the glass removed from his body and an operation on his wrist to remove a particularly deep shard.”

The ambulance only arrived after Mrs Field called Thomas Cook for help numerous times, as the hotel staff were “useless” at helping, offering no assistance.

He was in the bathroom when the door shattered. Picture: Sarah FieldSource:Supplied

Mr Field was rushed to hospital with the help of some friends they met at the resort as Mrs Field was “in bits” at the time.

After arriving at a private hospital, staff then refused to help until they gave them money for the treatment.

“I stayed a good few hours and they wouldn’t touch me until I paid them money,” Mr Field said. “They wouldn’t help even while I was bleeding. Instead of picking the glass out they were rubbing it into my skin.”

Their two-year-old son Jack now refuses to use bathrooms with glass doors. Picture: Sarah FieldSource:Supplied

“Even my friends said, ‘What were you doing?’”

They were forced to pay out upfront for the treatment and claim it back later on their travel insurance, costing them $182 in excess charges.

Doctors removed some of the glass and stitched up Mr Field’s wounds.

However, the hotel accused him of being under the influence of alcohol and running into the glass door, causing it to smash.

“The hospital reported that I wasn’t drunk,” he said.

Scot was taken to hospital where he was given stitches for the wounds. Picture: Sarah FieldSource:Supplied

The glass cut Scot on his entire body after knocking him out. Picture: Sarah FieldSource:Supplied

The hotel even tried to charge the family to replace the glass door that smashed, with staff failing to clean it up despite them asking a number of times.

“They actually held up the blood soaked towels and asked if they needed to change those too and then got really annoyed when we said, ‘Yes’,” Mrs Field said.

Thankfully Mr Field was released after a few hours and the family were able to fly home the next day as planned.

His wife Sarah complained on Thomas Cook’s Facebook page.Source:Facebook

However, Mr Field had to return to a hospital in the UK to remove the remaining pieces of glass, which has left him with some scars.

The couple’s seven-year-old son Jack was left traumatised by the incident.

“We ordered two rooms, one for the kids and one was for us. It could have happened to the kids,” Mr Field said.

Mrs Field added: “He went into shock and his lips went blue and he couldn’t see. He was in an absolute state.”

Sarah and Scot were on their honeymoon with their four children at the time. Picture: Sarah FieldSource:Supplied

Jack has since been too scared to use any bathroom doors with glass screens and refused to stay in another hotel as he says they were too “dangerous”.

Other guests have also complained about the Sahara Beach Hotel on TripAdvisor, with a number saying the bathrooms had “leaking shower bases” and “no shower rail for the shower head”.

One guest, who was at the hotel at the time of the incident, wrote: “(There were) people opposite us — the shower glass came away from the wall and smashed over the man glass everywhere.”

The door shattered into pieces over the floor. Picture: Sarah FieldSource:Supplied

A Thomas Cook spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: “The safety of our customers is always our first priority and we were concerned to hear about the incident at the Sahara Beach Hotel.

“Our rep met with Mr Field the day after to see if there was any support he needed before returning home.

“We are very sorry for the delay in contacting Mr and Mrs Field while we investigated thoroughly with the hotel.

The shower before the incident.Source:Supplied

Scot had an operation on his wrist to remove some of the glass. Picture: Sarah FieldSource:Supplied

“We are now in contact with them to try and put things right.”

A young woman was also injured by a glass door shower shattering during her holiday.

Lauren Blakeman was left with glass stuck in her leg after the shower door exploded while on holiday in Turkey.

Travel company TUI are reportedly investigating the injury claim.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Sahara Beach Hotel for comment.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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