Holiday expert’s clever hack to save money on your baggage allowance

Holiday expert on how to save money on baggage allowance

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Chelsea Dickenson, 32, said holidaymakers are desperate to find ways to save the pennies on their summer breaks this year as the cost of living continues to rise. So the woman, from north London, has come up with a range of tips and tricks.

These hacks include stuffing clothes into a large neck pillowcase to take on the plane, rather than packing these items into a suitcase. Airlines often have baggage allowances for each passenger and, when suitcases exceed these figures, passengers are charged fees or asked to remove items at check-in.

So, as thrifty Chelsea explained on TikTok, putting clothes in the pillowcase saves space in suitcases.

“People are definitely looking to try something new to save the pennies,” Chelsea, who runs, told

“I’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of questions I receive around saving money, in particular about cheap flights. However, what I always say to people is to focus on cheap accommodation and cheap daily costs to really get a great value getaway that’s not going to cost a fortune after you’ve booked the flight.

“People who are used to booking the same holiday each and every year are finding a big difference between pre-pandemic prices and now.

“However, this doesn’t mean they should give up on the hope of a holiday – instead, you should use this as a chance to try something new – be that a destination, a transport type, or even their food and drink whilst you’re away.”

Chelsea’s tips come as research shows more than one quarter (26 per cent) of holidaymakers suggest getting the best deal on accommodation or transport is the most important factor when going on holiday, more than getting a tan (18 per cent) and taking lots of photos (16 per cent). 

Half of those surveyed by transport and delivery app Bolt also revealed they are sticking to stricter budgets for their holidays this summer compared to previous years.

Responding to the statistics, cheap travel expert Chelsea said: “For those getting away for the first time since pre-pandemic, it can be a real shock to see how much travel costs have shot up – particularly if you’re trying to get away to a popular destination in a peak time period. Coupled with the rising cost of living, saving money has never been more important and I’ve seen a huge increase in demand for tips and tricks that can help people cut back on costs for their trips away.

“I always make sure to research if ride-hailing apps like Bolt are available in my destination. It takes away the anxiety around being overcharged as you’re told in advance what you can expect to pay, and they’ll simply charge the card on your profile – meaning no faff and no need to have the country’s currency as soon as you land.”

Bolt provides a taxi service in more than 400 cities in dozens of countries across the world, including many in Europe, such as France, Spain and Portugal.

It also offers e-scooter and e-bikes in some cities.

Its survey of 2,000 Brits found almost one in six intend to walk, rather than use public transport, as a way to cut costs on holiday.

And more than a third said they’d be happy to forgo a fancy restaurant and rather opt for a takeaway instead (37 per cent) during their breaks this year.

Chelsea continued: “If you’re wanting to save money but still enjoy the food, there’s often independent eateries available on food delivery apps like Bolt so why not order in like a local instead?

“If you don’t have the space in your accommodation, why not take your meal to your closest green space or beach to tick off another experience at the same time.

“What I always say to people is to focus on cheap accommodation and cheap daily costs to really get a great value getaway that’s not going to cost a fortune after you’ve booked the flight.”

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