Hand luggage: Travel experts reveal best way to save space in cabin baggage

Hand luggage: Expert reveals what passengers can pack

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Hand luggage comes with plenty of restrictions these days, concerning both contents and size. These rules can make packing a carry on bag a bit of a complicated business. How can you take everything you want but still stick to the airline limits? Express.co.uk spoke to Travis and Heather Sherry who run travel podcast Extra Pack of Peanuts for their travel advice on packing baggage.

The pair explained that shoes are the biggest issue when it comes to assembling hand luggage.

Footwear can often take up lots of space and jet-setters often don’t needs as many shoes as they think.

“‘Too many shoes,’ is the biggest no-no of packing,” said the Sherrys.

“Shoes are the biggest culprits of taking up space.”

“So wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane, and then find one (or at most two) pairs of great, versatile, multi-use shoes.”

The pair also advise against taking against anything you don’t actually wear at home.

Holidaymakers often convince themselves their getaway is the perfect time to showcase rarely worn items but this is often not the case.

“So many people pack for every occasion, including ones they never find themselves in at home,” said Trav and Heather.

“So put away that blazer or formal wear – worst-case scenario, you buy something where you are going if you really need it (but you won’t).”

They also warned against packing more for a longer holiday.

“Always pack for a week – even if you’re going for a year,” the duo recommended.

“You’ll be able to do laundry anywhere in the world (even if it means doing it by hand).

“So no matter how long you are going, a week’s worth of clothing will be all you need.”

It’s also vital you pack your headphones if you plan to listen to or watch something during the flight.

“Don’t listen to your movie, TV show, or game without headphones,” said Trav and Heather.

“If you forget headphones, ask for them, but man, it’s annoying when the person behind you or next to you thinks you want to listen to Harry Potter too.”

Your passport is also essential – but not only for when you’re flying abroad.

“[Always pack] your passport!” they said. “Even if you aren’t going international.

“Why? Because you never know when you might need it as a second form of ID…or if you get the itch to hop across the border on a whim!”

For those who are want to sleep on a plane, Heather and Travis recommend three main necessities: “melatonin, earplugs, and eye masks.”

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