Google Maps Street View: ‘Drunk’ man spotted in shocking position after alarming accident

Google Maps Street View is an intriguing mine of curious spectacles. The most interesting often go viral and can leave viewers scratching their heads. One such shot was snapped in Hungary.

It has garnered much attention after being posed to US content-sharing site Reddit.

The photo was taken down a fairly ordinary-looking street, reportedly in Zalaegerszeg, according to the Reddit user who shared the image.

However, the sight on the pavement has sparked alarm.

A man seems to have suffered a rather unfortunate accident.

He looks to have been riding a blue bicycle along the road.

But clearly something happened to him.

In the photo, he is lying prostrate on the pavement.

One arm lies on his chest and the other out to the side while his legs stick out in front of him.

The bike lies on the ground next to him.

One wheel is on the tarmac while the other sticks up.

It appears to have become slightly twisted in the accident and, like the man, looks slightly worse for wear.

It is unclear what exactly happened to cause the mishap.

One Reddit user claimed to know what had taken place.

They posted: “Local newspapers found the guy, and he said ‘I was at a party, and I admit, I drank a little more than I should have.

“‘My friends said I shouldn’t get on my wiredonkey (apparently some weird rural slang for bicycle here), but I got on anyways.’

“‘I fell down after two turns.’”

It is not known how much truth there is to this story.

Another person suggested the man had enjoyed “too much palinka” – a Hungarian traditional fruit brandy.

One thought unicum, a Hungarian herbal liqueur, was a possible culprit.

Another Redditor posted in Hungarian: “It is good that Hungary is famous for these.”

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