Globetrotter says getting free flight upgrades is ‘simple’ if you ask correctly

A young globetrotter who travels the world making up to £10,000 a month has gone viral for her free upgrade hack.

Louise Truman, 22, from Surrey, makes money posting travel tips and recommendations on social media site TikTok.

The youngster began working from around the world while at university and taking her classes online – at the beginning she worked in marketing, but now she makes cash from brand deals.

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And, Louise is always happy to give other people advice on living as a “digital nomad” or just how to get the best deals on travel.

Earlier this year, the young influencer shared her trick to get a free upgrade to business or first class.

Louise showed herself flying in a business class pod and sipping on a glass of wine.

She wrote: “Exactly how to ask for a free upgrade. Simple and polite: ‘Are there any opportunities for free upgrades today? It’s a dream of mine to fly in business class.’”

Louise claims that simply asking will sometimes get you a better seat.

But, she also says offering to be moved to another flight could nab you a business class seat.

Louise wrote: “Volunteer for an inconvenience: ‘I know this is a busy route, I’m happy taking the next flight if you’re able to upgrade my seat’.”

She swung the camera around to show the view from her window. A massive 45,000 people liked the vide – and hundreds commented.

One flight attendant noted: “Also…don't dress like a bum. Used to work for an airline and this was a rule.”

Another commented: “I never upgrade people who ask, I prefer to surprise people!”

A third said: “As someone who works in the industry, as long as the rep is nice yeah you’ll get it if it’s empty.”

A fourth air hostess added: “Cabin crew here always ask us – more food, better seat, this, that just ask.”

But, other airline workers claimed asking “does not work anymore” or “rarely works”.

Louise noted that she sees a 50% success rate when asking nicely or offering to swap flight times.

Would you try asking for a free upgrade? Tell us in the comments if it’s ever worked!


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