According to reports, Germany is set to ease restrictions on Brits who want to visit the country "in the foreseeable future."

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has said that those who have had both vaccine jabs will soon be let in without the need to quarantine.

She introduced new measures blocking travel and holidays from the UK as the Delta variant spread, and encouraged the whole of the EU to do the same.

However, speaking alongside Boris Johnson recently, she raised hopes that people will soon be able to visit again.

In a joint press conference at Chequers. she said: "We have adopted certain protective measures when we were not as yet so familiar with the Delta variant.

"We now see that the share of the Delta variant in Germany is increasing very rapidly.

"We’re reviewing continuously our travel restrictions, and we think that in the foreseeable future, those who’ve received double jabs will then, according to our classification – and now Britain obviously is a high incidence area – will be able to travel again without having to go into quarantine."

Speaking at the same event, Boris Johnson dismissed concerns that some Brits may get turned away while trying to enter the EU because they’ve been given a batch of the AstraZeneca that wasn't given regulatory approval.

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The problem involves doses made by the Serum Institute of India being known as Covishield.

Despite it being the same as other AstraZeneca doses, it has not been authorised by Europe’s regulator and is therefore not recognised by the EU. It has been approved by the UK’s medicines and regulatory agency (MHRA).

The Prime Minister said: "I see no reason at all why the MHRA-approved vaccines should not be recognised as part of the vaccine passports, and I am very confident that that will not prove to be a problem."

Ms Merkel was visiting the UK for high level talks as she comes to the end of her long tenure as chancellor.

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