From Remote Destinations to Yurts, Here's Where Airbnb Users Are Looking to Travel for Memorial Day

More Americans appear to be plotting their return to travel thanks to an increase in COVID-19 vaccinations, alongside an increase in hope for our future. And, according to Airbnb, those soon-to-be travelers are searching for some rather specific travel options.

Airbnb released recent search data that showed searches for more remote destinations in the United States over Memorial Day Weekend have increased by nearly 40 percent over the last month.

"From open-air destinations to off-the-grid unique stays, guests are looking for a truly bespoke experience outdoors, and we've identified the major trends driving early summer searches on Airbnb," the company shared in a statement.

The home rental website added, though it expects the majority of trips to be domestic this summer, people are still searching for faraway destinations, with 70% of searches taking place 50-300 miles away from home. Some are looking even further, with stays between 1,000-3,000 miles away from home making up the second-largest share of searches for Memorial Day Weekend trips.

As for exactly where people are searching, it appears the more rural the better. Airbnb's top trending rural destinations for Memorial Day Weekend include Alamosa County, CO.; Nye County, NV.; Sanpete County, UT.; Angel Fire, NM.; Forks, WA.; Sandpoint, ID.; Washington County, VA.; West Yellowstone, MT.; Jackson County, NC.; and Harper's Ferry, WV.

And it's not just unique destinations travelers are searching for, but unique accommodations as well. Searches for "tent" increased 260% while searches for "yurt" increased 167%. Other unique trending options include "campsite," "earthhouse," "houseboat," and "dome house."

Of course, people are still dreaming of going even further. As the Airbnb data showed, travelers are still searching for international getaways as well. In fact, the most wish-listed stay by U.S.-based guests is a Grecian villa in Sounio, Greece, followed by a tranquil cottage in Jamaica, and a minimalist loft in the Dominican Republic. Long story short, if you're even thinking about making summer plans, now's the time to do it before everything gets booked up and you're left staying at home — again.

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