Flying from Auckland to Perth aboard Air New Zealand

Maureen Marriner flies Auckland to Perth aboard Air New Zealand’s NZ175.

The plane:

Boeing 787-9.

Class: Economy.

Seat: 47e, in the middle of the centre three with husband on one side and, on the other, a woman on the first of four legs to Albania.

Fellow passengers: All ages, all types. Many went to sleep under their blankets. A bit odd as we left Auckland at 10.30am.

How full: A few empty places in our section.

Entertainment: Excellent selection. Where else would I watch 80s classic Working Girl (such shoulders) and The Rock in Jumanji (such shoulders) in the same session?

The service: It’s part of the reason Air New Zealand wins awards.

Toilets: A seat lid that won’t stay up is always a challenge.

Food and drink: Lunch early over the Tasman. Chicken or beef. Drinks offered after the food. Salad, icecream and cheese. Snack of panini and fruit over the Australian Bight. The gluten-free was reportedly fine, as was the gluten-full.

Luggage: We had cabin bags but checked them in for less hassle with overhead lockers.

Airport experience: Auckland is coming along nicely.

The bottom line: The seven and a half hours just flew.

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