Flights: Big mistake to never make when packing hand luggage for holidays

Hand luggage can be tricky to pack, especially if that’s all you’re travelling with. It’s important to pack everything you’ll need without including anything superfluous. Travellers also need to remember the many rules concerning liquids and other banned items from cabin luggage.


  • Hand luggage: Beat Jet2 bag restrictions with this tip spoke to British retail brand Cath Kidston for top tips concerning hand luggage packing.

“When it comes to going abroad or going on a staycation, unfortunately, we don’t all have unlimited space,” said Maria Turgeon, Creative Director.

“So you’ve got to be efficient and make sure what you’re taking is what you’re going to get the most out of (no, bringing five different outfit options for each night is not essential).

“At Cath Kidston, we sell a wide range of luggage options suited to each of your travelling needs – but everyone always needs some tips and tricks of what not to do when preparing for your holiday.”

One mistake is to fold clothes – rolling them is much more efficient.

“Although this one may be up to personal preference, it is a well-known fact that rolling your clothes is a lot more efficient space-wise than folding your clothes,” explained Turgeon.

“Channel your inner Marie Kondo and go for it.”

Another error is to leave packing until the last minute.

“The worst thing you can do is leave your packing down till the day or even hour before you leave,” Turgeon said.

“This will not only mean you won’t pack all your necessities, you’ll probably end up packing lots of things you didn’t need in the first place.”  

The Cath Kidston pro also recommend investing in staple items.

It’s also well worth thinking of clothes in terms of outfits to make sure that you always have apparel that goes well together.


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“Instead of bringing different outfit options for each day/night you’re away, invest in some staple items that you can change up and accessorise in different ways whilst you’re on holiday,” advised Turgeon.

Making a list before you start packing can prove very helpful.

“Before you begin packing, sit down and make sections for things you 100 percent need all the way down to things you would like to be able to bring,” she said.

“Start with your essentials and work your way down the list, this way you’re prioritising the things you need the most and if you’ve still got space you can add in those extra items!”

Lastly, Turgeon advised holidaymakers not to panic when packing hand luggage for a trip away.

“At the end of the day, it’s not the end of the world if you end up forgetting something or you can’t fit everything you need into your suitcase!” she said.

“Just enjoy yourself and have a good time.”

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