Flight attendants say they secretly dish out grim punishments to rude passengers

When thinking of flight attendants most of us imagine their smart uniforms, polite service and smiling faces. But, it’s seems not all cabin crew members are professional at all times.

Some passenger behaviours do wind flight attendants up. Previously, they’ve told Daily Star that asking them for water, finding them on social media or ordering fizzy drinks annoy them.

But, now, a number of crew members have explained that they don’t just ignore it when holidaymakers are rude to them. Some of them get their revenge.

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What the flight attendants revealed may just have you regretting ever being short with them when flying. On Reddit, several airline workers explained that they take to “crop dusting” to punish the worst offenders.

For those who don’t know, that’s when you pass gas while standing next to someone and then walk away. So if you let your temper get the better of you and a crew member hovers near you for a moment you might be in for a whiffy surprise.

On a Reddit thread in a flight attendants forum about crop dusting, one person wrote: "No, not actually flying a plane to spray crops, but the name for what flight attendants do when they need to.. let one go. I usually just went in the lav and then let the toilet suction refresh the air. I only just recently heard it called crop dusting. Is it that common for flight attendants to walk up the aisle and drop a few?"

On the comments, people confirmed that this was the case. One wrote: "It’s either fart near passengers or fart near crew. If I can, I let it rip in the flight deck. Otherwise I find the passengers who inconvenienced me. Can’t hold it in."

Another added: "You let one rip in my galley and omg see how fast the dusting war begins! Crop dusting belongs in the cabin, next to the most vile of all passengers."

One flight attendant joked: "Based on cabin pressurisation they don’t call it the good ol’ aluminum fart tube for nothing."

While another added: "I stink up the plane like a poop diaper. I am lactose intolerant and love me some alfredo."

Not only will flight attendants aim to crop-dust you, but Mandy Smith, who previously worked as a flight attendant revealed in her book Cabin Fever, how flatulence is a real problem for airline workers.

A colleague told her early on in her career: "Flying as many hours as we do makes your stomach swell up like a balloon." The flight attendant added: "You’ll be a walking cesspit, farting like a trooper."

However, passing wind isn't the only way that flight attendants get back at their least favourite passengers. One crew member said online : "I used to be a flight attendant and when someone was really rude I’d just go to the computer we had to reset the inflight tv screens and I’d keep resetting theirs sporadically so that they couldn’t watch their movie. Very petty of me I know."

So, if your in-flight film isn’t working perhaps re-assess the way you speak to the staff. While former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen, the creator of Passenger Shaming, shared her secret.

She explained how it’s all to do with the drinks and Shawn has a certain way to take revenge on travellers. Speaking to NY Post, Shawn said: "I’ll take a cup and scoop a lot of ice, and when I pour the soda or juice in, there’s, like’, two tablespoons."

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