Flight attendant’s ‘game-changer’ hacks including how to stop necklaces getting tangled

Flight attendant explains how to properly pack a bag

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TikTok user Kat Kamalani has a following of more than 800,000 people. On her platform she shares insider travel secrets she learnt from being a flight attendant, including how to take everything you want on a plane – even when your bag is overweight – and how to stop jewellery getting tangled on board.

Often airlines will charge passengers an excess weight fee if there hold luggage is too heavy.

At easyJet, this is £12 for three kilos.

But for British Airways, an overweight baggage charge is £65.

Kat told flyers how they can avoid incurring these extra costs – and be comfy too.

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She said: “This tiny hack will save you if you ever have baggage that is overweight while travelling.”

It’s simple and won’t cost flyers a penny.

“This hack works the best when travelling home from vacation.”

This is when holidaymakers may have less room in their suitcases due to souvenirs and other various accoutrements picked up on holiday.

She continued: “You’ll always want to carry a suitcase in your bag because if your bags are overweight you can stuff your pillowcase full of clothes and use it as a pillow on the aircraft.

“This is seriously a game-changer to avoid those fees for overweight bags.”

The video tip racked up over 30,000 likes and was even branded “genius” by TikTok user @jennir28.

Others recommended investing in a pillowcase with a zip so none of your items fall out.

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In another video, Kat shared another essential flying tip from her experience as a flight attendant.

This one makes packing – and unpacking – a less daunting task.

One tip speaks to all jewellery wearers who dread unpacking their jewellery at the end of a flight, as it’s usually all intertwined and hard to separate.

“Put your jewellery in glad wrap to prevent it from getting tangled.”

A 70ft roll of GLAD Press’n Seal Multi Purpose Sealing Wrap is available on Amazon for £9.44.

“First things first, you’re going to want to make sure your heaviest items are at the very bottom.

“This is going to help your luggage not tip over when you are travelling.

“Next, you’re going to want to use packing cubes to help identify whose who and keep you organised.”

This video amassed more than 100,000 likes and has been saved almost 10,000 times by savvy travellers.

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