Flight attendant shares secret code for picking up passengers crew fancy

In-flight romances are a heavily speculated upon topic, with flight attendants often asked if they have ever found love with passengers.

Sometimes, passengers even make the move themselves, attempting to join the exclusive Mile High Club, where they will have sex in the cramped airplane toilets.

And speaking on the Confessions on the Fly podcast, flight attendant LJ has admitted that her cabin crew developed a secret code to signal when they might be interested in an attractive passenger.

“I’ve picked up a dude on an aircraft, on my way to Austin four years ago,” LJ revealed. “He was really cute. We had a couple of fun dates.

“My co-worker and I had this code; ‘what do you want to have for dinner tonight?’ and you would say Italian or this or that. But we were really talking about the dudes coming on the aircraft.

“So we would have a code of like ‘no, I’m not really hungry for that’ or when somebody hot was coming on I’d be like, ‘oh yeah I’ll definitely go out for that tonight’.

“When somebody came on who was really really cute, I was like ‘oh yeah I definitely want whatever it was – Italian – for the night’."

LJ then explained in further detail how she and her flight attendant friend Tony had employed their secret code to successfully get a hot passengers’ number.

“I bought him a drink on the aircraft and then when he came to the back of the aircraft to go to the restroom, my co-worker started talking to him, just warming him up or whatever," she continued.

“And then I jumped in and Tony casually walks to the front of the aircraft and gives us time to chat… and then I got his number."

On the podcast episode, LJ also shared some tips for passengers who might want to make a move on cabin crew.

Her main piece of advice, she noted, was that passengers should not try it on while attendants are doing service.

“That’s very awkward… If you want to grab our attention, being nice and courteous is rule number one," she added. "Saying please and thank yous… if you ask me how my day is or anything like that, I am so totally thrown off guard, because nobody talks to me other than to ask for a diet coke or whatever.

“So that, number one, perks me up and makes me actually look at you and pay attention.”

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