Flight attendant shares cheeky ‘game’ they play to rank best looking passengers

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A flight attendant has revealed the ‘game’ cabin crew staff play when trying to determine the hottest passengers on board.

In-flight romances between passengers and crew are often only the thing of fantasy.

Sometimes, however passengers will attempt to join the exclusive ‘Mile High Club’, a phrase used to reference when a couple have sex on an aircraft.

And now, it now appears that sky high romances between airplane staff and travellers might be more likely than first thought.

Speaking on the Flight Attendant podcast, hosts ‘B’ and Uncle Josie broached the topic of how staff on board measure their passengers’ looks.

B explained: “We make it into a game, we’ll walk down the aisle and then write down the seat numbers of the passengers that we think are cute.

“Every flight attendant will do that, and then we’ll compare notes and see which ones we all think are cute, or if we have the same answers.

“I feel like most crews would do that”, she continued.

On the other hand, some crew prefer to be more upfront about who they might fancy on board. Uncle Josie confessed he had never played a game like the one B described.

“I just go, ‘hey D7 is really cute’, I don’t have a code”, he said.

It was also revealed that sometimes, these games can develop into direct flirtatious acts between cabin crew and their chosen flying fitties.

On this note, the hosts discussed whether they had ever swapped numbers or flirted with passengers on board.

While Uncle Josie revealed he largely just gets hit on by elderly ladies, B had some stories to share.

She said: “I have got a couple of numbers, I don’t call them or text them, I just say thank you and that’s it."

One time, she revealed, there was a handsome man sitting right at the front of the plane. Naturally, she noted, the attendants all checked to make sure he wasn’t wearing a ring.

Realising that he was single, B said she started chatting with him – and he started flirting – before B informed him that she was actually seeing someone.

She explained: “He said, ‘I would have loved to have taken you out to dinner’ and then we shook hands and he kissed the back of my hand. It was a very very suave move."

But this didn’t deter the other cabin crew members from trying to make inroads with the man.

She recalled: “So I think one of the other girls got his number, because she asked him.

“She was like, ‘oh I need to do my makeup’.

B explained how her friend then moved from the back to the front of the plane to sit with the male passenger.

She described: "She was like, 'I’m going to go and sit in the front right there', and then she instigated a conversation with him.

“But we won’t go into the rest of that story…”

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