Flight attendant shares 3 questions she’s most asked – including flying for free

An air hostess has spilled some flight secrets to her social media followers and revealed the most common questions she gets asked about her job.

In a TikTok video, user @danidboyy1 tells users that, despite what many people think, being an air hostess does not mean you get free flights any time you want to go on holiday.

She reassured viewers that flights were still heavily discounted for crew members.

Dani then tells aspiring flight attendants that being able to speak multiple languages will be a bonus in the interview process but the only necessity is English.

The flight attendant uploaded the clip at the end of July with the caption: "Let me know in the comments if you have any more questions."

Since then, it has been watched more than 45,000 times and people had heaps more questions they asked in the comments below the clip.

One user asked: "Can I get a flight attendant job at the age of 18?"

Dani told viewers airlines normally have a minimum age requirement of either 21 or, sometimes, 18.

Someone else asked her: "Why is being able to swim a requirement when applying for the job?"

Dani replied: "The ability to swim is required in the unfortunate event the plane needs to ditch (land) into the water and for basic water survival skills."

The air hostess also told viewers that they shouldn't have any facial piercings and said tattoos were ok as long as they didn't show when the uniform was being worn.

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