Flight attendant says crew play a ‘butt cheek game’ on long-haul flights

A flight attendant has opened up about how cabin crew amuse themselves on long-haul flights.

Posting anonymously on Reddit, they revealed that when travelling for hours and hours it can be tricky not to get bored.

So, when they’re not serving food or drinks to passengers, doing safety checks or helping people cabin crew members like to play games.

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The air hostess even says that one game involves squeezing a coin in between your butt cheeks!

The flight attendant said: “I thought I'd share with you guys a few of the things flight crews do to entertain themselves.

“One game we would play on long layovers was this quarter game. "

She continued: “I don't remember what they called it but basically you would stand at the back of the plane with a quarter wedged between your but cheeks.

“Then you walk down the aisle trying not to drop the quarter till you get to the front of the aircraft where you drop the quarter in a cup.”

The cabin crew worker added: “Also the pilots liked to call the flight attendants and ask them to look out the window and see if they could identify things out the window like the name of a highway/ city/ lake/ airport ect.

“Also, one of the pilots I worked with would call and count down from three and right after he said one we would hit turbulence, it was all to show off his weather reading skills.”

In the comments, fellow airline workers claimed that their crews also played games.

One person said: “Back when FA's could sit in the flight deck, there was a pilot who would have each of us go up there over the course of a four hour flight (five to six FA's) and he would ask us random trivia.

“It was his way of feeling smart, I guess. Always super fun though.”

And, it’s not the first time a flight attendant has spoken up about playing games online.

Acabin crewmember revealed that they also play a game that rates the passengers on their attractiveness.

The traveller deemed the most attractive will be labelled the Bob – “best on board”.

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She explained on Heart FM: “We have a little game called ‘find the Bob’ and basically Bob stands for ‘best on board.’

“So, you just find the best looking person on the plane and you call them Bob the whole day.

“And, then if you can’t find a Bob sometimes passengers get on and they’re sleepy and they put their heads down and they fall asleep and you can’t really see their faces.

“Then as they get off instead of calling them Bob you’d be like ‘Cheerio’.

“And, that would indicate to your other crew members that you fancy them.”

Have you ever noticed your flight attendants playing a game? Tell us in the comments…


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