Flight attendant explains why tray tables and seats must be up when landing

Thousands of Brits have flown away on holiday this summer and the plane journey only builds the excitement as you head on your way.

And, it’s super interesting to find out more about life on the other side of the airline industry.

Over recent months, flight attendants around the world have been giving keen travellers a look inside their everyday lives.

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Cabin crew member Meg McKeon, who works for Ryanair, even took her camera to work with her and shared a day in her life on TikTok.

She woke up at 4.30am and journeyed from the UK to Pisa, Italy, and back all in an eight hour shift.

Meanwhile American flight attendant Cierra Mist has revealed even more about life in the sky as she went viral for sharing some safety insight.

Posting on the video social media site, @cierra_mistt, she shared some “flight attendant and pilot tea” (tea is a slang term for gossip).

Cierra said: “Secrets about flight attendants and pilots I bet you had no idea about.

“Number one, flight attendants will always turn off the cabin lights during take off and landing because that’s most likely when we’re going to get in an emergency crash so our eyes are already going to be adjusted to the outside setting.”

She showed the lights being dimmed on a flight while she worked.

Then, Cierra added: “Speaking of crashes, the reason we tell you guys to put your tray tables up and your seats forward is because if we get in a crash it only takes about 60 to 90 seconds for an entire plane to ignite in flames.

“That being said if you have your tray table down or your seat reclined back you’re not only putting yourself in danger, but the people who are sitting right next to you.”

The crew member then showed a clip of someone struggling to evacuate due to a tray table.

She also claimed that the crew sometimes hang out with passengers after landing so long as they're "hot guys or girls" or else a "fun group".

The video quickly went viral with more than 95,000 likes and 700,000 views.

In the comments, people loved the extra information.

One person said: “Watching these videos before going on a plane for the first time is helpful but scary…”

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Another added: “Just get me out of the the burning airplane quickly.”

Would you ask the crew to party with you? Tell us in the comments…


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